Wander Woman

By Elim Chu

It was early summer when Megan and I met at a cafe via our mutual Makeup Artist friend, Katie Elwood. The way Megan recalls the meeting, we were fast friends by the time Katie arrived for our coffee date. Katie had put us in touch to talk about a potential photo shoot idea but what we ended up bonding on was our mutual passion for elevating women in the fashion ​industry, the importance of diversity in casting and content that tells a fuller story beyond pretty pictures.

Our photo shoot soon reflected our ideals: an all-women creative team highlighting Canadian, women-owned, sustainably- and ethically-made clothing brands, embodied by a thoughtfully chosen model of diversity.

Over the span of two days, we worked together creating the images you see here. These images are a taste of the good life: creatives choosing collaboration over competition and imagery that we are so proud to have intentionally created.


Bathing Suit Top by Beth Richards; Kimono Sweater by Bare Knitwear; Trousers by Hetki; Bracelet by GREY by Becki Chan


Bathing Suit Top by Beth Richards; Trousers by Hetki
Dress by Sunja Link; Leather Purse by AW by Andrea Wong; Bracelet, Earrings by GREY by Becki Chan
Bathing Suit (worn as bodysuit) by Beth Richards; Trousers by Harly Jae; Scarf by Bare Knitwear; Earrings, Rings by GREY by Becki Chan
Bathing Suit (worn as bodysuit) by Beth Richards; Trousers by Hetki; Coat by Hetki; Earrings, Rings by GREY by Becki Chan
Sweater by Bare Knitwear; Skirt by Hetki; Footwear by Poppy Barley; Leather Waist Pouch by AW by Andrea Wong
Bathing Suit by Beth Richards; Scarf by Bare Knitwear; Rings by GREY by Becki Chan
Turtleneck, Stylists own; Bathing Suit Top by Beth Richards; Trousers by Hetki; Bracelet, Rings by GREY by Becki Chan



Alicia Fuller // Richards Models

How this photo shoot left an impression on her: “My personal modeling journey has been an interesting one. Being half Japanese/Australian with red hair has been both a blessing and burden for me in my career but despite that…I really value expressing ME. To be my true self and not being molded or changed into something I’m not.

During this photo shoot; with amazing, inpsiring women, I felt so BEAUTIFUL and so myself. I got to express myself authentically and ethically (because of the fashion values Elim brought to choosing the clothing).

Seeing the lake, breathing the sweet, cool air and having so much greenery around me…it’s an experience I’ll never forget!”

Megan Toriglia

Megan has been a freelance Photographer since 2010. In addition to working as a freelance photographer Megan has traveled internationally producing and assisting on editorials for publications and brands such as Vogue Taiwan, Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan, Hong Kong Tatler.

Megan is involved in creating educational opportunities that foster growth in the creative industry now and in the next generation. She also hosts a local monthly networking event for women creatives called Cocktails + Creatives in partnership with The Coven Club.

Elim Chu

Elim is a creative who has found a career in fashion styling and a purpose in shifting her community towards making conscious clothing choices.

In addition to being a stylist, Elim advocates for social and creative causes, women-led businesses, and brands getting it right. She is elevating this conversation through social medi​a, public speaking and through her monthly newsletter, aptly called The Newsletter.

Katie Elwood

Katie has been in love with makeup for most of her life but went the extra step of making it her professional career after graduating from Blanche Macdonald Centre. She has worked in Vancouver’s beauty scene for over a decade and continues to hone her style of celebrating and enhancing natural beauty.

​Favorite beauty note from the shoot: “I’d love to shout out to BITE Beauty and Harlow Skin Care. Both women founded companies, cruelty free and made in Canada!​”​

Christine LeBlanc
Notable hair styling product chosen for the shoot: using R+CO (VEGETARIAN, CRUELTY-FREE, PARABEN-FREE, SLS or SLES -FREE, SULFATE-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, COLOUR SAFE)

Beyond having over a decade of hair styling experience, Christine is also a business owner. She is co-owner of Life&Colour Salon in Chinatown, Vancouver and has chosen to ensure that her salon provides products from vendors who demonstrate care and compassion. As a member of the Green Circle Salon network and a patron of Don’t Sweat It Services, Life & Colour operates sustainably and ethically.

Cass Williamson

Anastasia Creswell

Beth Richards
Designed and Ethically Made in Canada
Sunja Link
Designed and Ethically Made in Canada
Bare Knitwear
Designed in Canada, Sustainably Sourced and Ethically
Manufactured in Peru
Designed and Made To Order in Canada
Harly Jae
Designed and Ethically Made in Canada
Poppy Barley
Designed in Canada, Ethically Manufactured in Mexico
GREY by Becki Chan
Designed and Ethically Made in Canada
AW by Andrea Wong
Designed and Ethically Made To Order in Canada