Horoscopes: September Edition

By Andi Astre

What does the current astrological shift, September’s Mercury retrograde and a new moon in Virgo portend for you? Resident astrologist at Gastown’s The Good Spirit and now Loose Lips, Mystic Sandwich, charts the skies.


With the eclipse energy still rippling through your house of pleasure and romance, make sure you take time to play, to enjoy yourself, and to express yourself creatively. This is a whole new chapter for your creative development. You may even be initiating a new creative project that could carry you years into the future. Recognize how pleasure nourishes all the other aspects of your life.


The first week of the month sees more retracing your steps at home or with family: whether you are renovating, seeking clarity in your communications with family, or working to understand your family relationships with a therapist or friend, you are working to clean up your foundational structures in the world and your psyche. All this hard work now will make for easier sailing in late September when the cosmic energies move forwards again.


Your involvement in a creative venture with a group of people is taking shape. Harness the Mars-Mercury conjunction early in the month to take the initiative, to get the ball rolling. Your role is as communicator and catalyzer to initiate this divinely timed long term process. Wield your fire wisely–your words carry great power.


You’ve been working hard to manifest the career of your dreams, and now things are falling into place. Don’t rush the process. Trust in divine timing. And when you feel so called, make your move: send that email, make that phone call, have that meeting. Put words to your deepest desires and biggest dreams.


You have perhaps glimpsed the momentous shift that is taking place within you. You don’t have all the information yet though. Stay open to receive further revelation. And yet, even without all of the information, it’s time to get the ball rolling, to share your big ideas, to start hashing out the details of the plan that will carry you into the future.


Honour yourself for all the hard work you’ve done grappling with your inner demons and facing your deepest fears. You are almost out of the woods: there is just one last push. In early September, seek to give voice to the depths of your mind, to bring to light the fears, patterns, assumptions, that have been lurking in the darkness. Bringing light to the darkness enables freedom and healing.


Have you glimpsed the new creative, collaborative project that is unfolding around you? Stay open to receive insight, revelation, opportunities, and offers. Take action, but don’t rush. This new venture is for the long term. So take your time to get the details right in this early phase.


The pieces are falling into place. Whatever creative venture you are preparing to invest in, know that this is momentous. This is your calling. This is your Work. Seek the balance between taking action and allowing the story to unfold at its own pace. Patiently organize the details in this early phase so the groundwork is laid once the energy moves forward in late September.


You may be the master adventurer, and yet this new adventure you are gearing up for is unlike any that you’ve undertaken before. This one requires commitment and responsibility, this one catalyzes your creative self-expression, this one is for the long haul. Whether through travel or learning, through inner or outer voyaging, this journey will expand your mind and bring you closer to your personal Truth.


You are undergoing an immense transformation. Please be kind to yourself. The universe is organizing to set you on a brighter course, one that’s in greater alignment with your soul. But to get there, you may experience some destabilizing shifts, perhaps endings and beginnings in your living situation and intimate relationships. Know that it gets better. Know that these shifts will serve you in the long run.


This is a moment in which to evaluate your friendships and partnerships. Which relationships nourish you? Which ones drain you? Seek to connect with those who get you, who see you, who inspire you, who encourage you to be free, who honour your weirdness, who connect you with your own soul.


If you long for work that is both meaningful and financially sustainable, now is the time to make your move: make that phone call, send that email, have that conversation. Go after your dreams, Pisces, the universe is helping you manifest your deepest desires. Accept that it is possible to do work that you love, that is useful, and that also offers you abundance.



Andi (aka Mystic Sandwich) is an astrologer, writer, and yoga instructor, currently living in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Unceded Coast Salish Territories.