Weekend Getaway: 2017 travel trends

 Unleash your inner mountain goddess for local travel in 2017

By Samantha Lego

Is your New Year’s resolution to explore more? Well, join the hordes of Vancouverites hoping to get their adventure on in 2017.

Wile away winter in a cabin in the woods or set up your tent in front of one of our alpine lakes. Summit peaks and descend into valleys all while slaying your next Instagram story.

Shine on, you adventurous spirit with Loose Lips’ list to help you rock the wilderness babe look this year.

Bring your A-game to the A-frame

Photo by Alex Robert

We don’t know exactly when pop-culture shifted from cabins in the woods as something to fear and avoid to something to flock to, but with quaint shacks popping up all over the Pacific Northwest, we’re all on board for a weekend in the woods.

There’s a getaway for everyone depending on your level of comfort. For the full spectrum of amenities, you can now Airbnb these cozy cabins, but beware. Prices and availability are dependent on season and on how many Instagram feeds the picturesque little hideaway has shown up on recently. PNWow!

Or, if you’re up for the trek, BC’s mountaineering club just put the finishing touches on a cabin at Watersprite Lake, past Squamish. The location is still relatively under populated but since we’re posting this, prepare for the crowds.

Must have: A Jeep or other 4×4 vehicle, preferably with a canoe strapped to the top. Even if you’re not going anywhere near water, it’s good to show that canoeing on lakes in January is something that you do as a pastime.

Do you have what it takes to look the part?

enamel camping mugs

Photo by @postmarkbrewingcompany 

Keep your coffee looking cool and your post-engagement up with this necessary bit of camping gear. Enamel camping mugs are the new mason jars for any self-respecting Vancouver hiker.

These cups are an easy way to scream “I’m outdoorsy” while also maintaining the cool vibes of a true mountain hipster.

Pair it with a trendy growler from your local craft brewery to complete the look.

Geometric Blankets

Photo by @sackclothxashes 

Those itchy grass blankets everyone was forced to sit on as a child have made a comeback in the last couple years. Beautiful geometric patterns and colours mean they’re the perfect focal point in your next “casual pose in front of mountains” shot. Be the envy of your feed as your wilderness babe look puts everyone else’s workout clothes to shame.

Not pictured: The sweat, tears and cursing accompanying bringing a heavy-ass blanket up a frickin’ mountain. Worth it for those sweet, sweet likes though.

Sackcloth & ashes seems to be the go-to for the true wild-at-heart and, running at about 90USD a pop, you’ll make a statement on the peaks and on paper.

shots through the open tent door

Photo by @adventuresofdandb 

To round out your weekend and get your grid looking great, a shot through the open tent door is a necessary component to any mountain adventure starter kit.

Not only does it show you’re fit enough to carry your gear to your destination, it shows that you sure know how to camp in style. Gone are the days of trekking in track pants or sweating it out in sweatshirts.

To be a true peak princess, your outfit must be on-point, no matter how intense that gain was. Complete any look with a pair of Roots red, white and grey branded socks for the extreme outdoor chic.

We are the generation of weekend warriors and, surrounded by the pristine beauty of our province, it’s hard not to daydream of hitting the trails. Whatever your style, getting outside and braving the elevation will lead to the most picturesque scenery. So whether you’re rocking Patagonia or Costco, set your sights on the mountains and unleash your inner nature goddess.

B.C.’s backcountry is some of the most beautiful terrain in the country. Yet it is rugged and wild and should be treated with respect. Make sure you’re properly equipped for any outing and always leave detailed notes of where you’re going. Explore responsibly and remember: Take only memories, leave only footprints.

Samantha Lego is a recent deportee falling back in love with her home country. She enjoys poking fun at Vancouver stereotypes while ignoring the fact that she is one. You can usually find her drinking beer on weeknights (for science!) and laughing obnoxiously at her own bad puns. Read more of her writing here: samanthalego.com