Raising the Resistance: A Mama’s Call to Arms

By Jess Procter

In the first year of motherhood there is a LOT to get used to, and it can take some time to find a new groove. At first, you must master the new schedule. This means that there is no schedule and the world now revolves around...Read More »

#MeToo: A survivor story

A gentle note to our readers that this piece may be triggering. As always, take care of you.

By Chelsea Noel

In April 2015, I was raped. He was the owner of a dispensary in Gastown, as well as a local hip-hop performer. He drove me home...Read More »

#MeToo, #UsToo, a letter on solidarity

By Brittany Tiplady

This past weekend I was taking the bus home, and followed to my seat by a man who had been previously sitting at the front of the vehicle. He stood next to my aisle seat, brooding over me as the bus filled up with the Granville...Read More »

Me Too is the beginning of the patriarchy's fall

Me too. Me too. Me too.

When the first accusation slated against Hollywood Honcho Harvey Weinstein broke news, new stories trickled out like streams of water from hard-rock surfaces. There were more women who suffered at the hands (or misplaced robe) of that POS, and they came forward in hordes. Placated...Read More »

One-Piece of Rejection

By Erin Davidson

So, I am a little late to the party. I was fortunate to enjoy a secure and loving romantic relationship from the ages of 17 through 24, a time when people often feel the most lost and alone. As a result, it is not until the...Read More »

Finding spirit in the mountains of my home

By Samantha Lego

In the solitude of mountains, we find our salvation and our peace. In the infiniteness, we find our humility.

Everyone is searching for the thing that connects them to that sense of other. That closeness with the universe that makes you feel at times wholly complete but...Read More »

Letter from the Editors on White Supremacy

By Loose Lips Mag

Let’s get one thing out of the way: this. shit. is. embarrassing. It wasn’t so long ago that wearers of white robes, burning crosses and toting guns, were part of the lunatic fringe. Rallying numbers of the ‘Alt-Right’ marched in Charlottesville in the name of...Read More »

Unreconciled: Protecting Our Truths

By Samantha Nock

We carry a lot with us.

We carry our stories, our loves, our histories, our traumas, inside ourselves every day.  And they are heavy.  They sometimes weigh on our hearts and take up residency in the back of our brains.  Sometimes they make our bones ache with...Read More »

Feminism and Marriage: Can you have both?

Photo by Danaea Li Photography

By Brittany Tiplady

Google feminist marriage. What do you find? Listicles on reasons to not get married, guidelines on how to have a feminist marriage, and endless opinion pieces on the lack of feminism in traditional matrimonies. The tug of...Read More »

IUDS: The good, the bad, the messy

By Samantha Lego

“It’s just like a pap test,” I whispered to myself, mantra-like, as I stared at the ceiling, skirt hoisted up around my hips as my gynecologist prepared to insert my new, five year intrauterine device (IUD).

For some, it is just like a pap-test. There will be a...Read More »

A Baby, A Bond, And A Butthole: A Boring Birth Story

Main Street Mama is back with a tell-all narrative just in time for her first Mother’s Day 

By Jess Procter

Warning: this birth story will not bring tears to your eyes.

When Loose Lips suggested I make my daughter’s birth story public, I was torn (birth puns, LOL). The weekend...Read More »

Surviving Social Burnout

By Laura Collins

I’m not really sure when and how my calendar got so full. Between birthday dinners, concerts, work events, and date nights, I had a social commitment almost every evening after work, and the weekends weren’t looking too free either. Somehow, little by little, I managed to...Read More »

Main Street Mama: Surviving the Fourth Trimester

By Jess Procter

A new mom emerges from the newborn bubble and asks “WTF just happened!?”

Reading What to Expect did not prepare me for the trauma of the first three months with my newborn daughter. In truth, I barely survived the first three months of her life and...Read More »

Confessions of a part-time bulimic

By Samantha Lego

Everyone has moments of regret, moments they wish they could take back. My moments of regret usually involve me with my head down, wiping away the strings of drool as I flush my vomit and all my dignity down the toilet.

It’s in these moments where, after...Read More »

The Angel Shot: Do anti-harassment campaigns work?

By Alli Hayes

I’m a well-seasoned member of the hospitality industry, and I often sit bleary eyed and counting receipts after my serving shift around 1 am. Sometimes I can’t help but think about some of the individuals I encounter, and the encounters they have that brings them to...Read More »

My Silent Battle with Anxiety

By Megan Renaud

It can be triggered by anything. For me, it was when I had to try to keep myself, as well as everyone else, together when I got the phone call that no one wants to get. It was a sunny Saturday in June when I arrived...Read More »

Giving up on fast-fashion without losing the thrill

Article reposted from My Modern Closet

By Brittany Tiplady

In my late teens and early 20’s my best friend and I were Value Village regulars. With not much else to do in the suburbs, we spent our free time sifting through the racks...Read More »

Party dress or PJs: Meet The New Year In Style

Article reposted from My Modern Closet

By Brittany Tiplady

Never have I ever had FOMO over a party. While my social anxiety isn’t always the cause of my social ambivalence, attending New Year’s Eve parties has never been a holiday priority for me. If I am being...Read More »

Inside the Army Of Sass

By Laura Collins

I’ve been dancing since the age of six, and have always loved it. From ballet, to modern, to tap, I’ve tested and trained in many styles, finding happiness in all of them. Then, this past summer I was invited to my friend’s dance show at Celebrities...Read More »

Dear America: It's Not Me, It's You

By Christina Lukeman

As I sit down with my glass of 2014 Sauvignon Blanc to watch tonight’s primetime, I have that same tinge of excitement I had when I had braces and was about to watch a bad episode of the Real World California circa 2001. Tonight’s show is...Read More »

What I Learned (Then Unlearned) From Oprah on Goal Setting

By Erin Davidson

I grew up watching The Oprah Winfrey Show most days after school. Oprah deserves part, if not full, credit for my choice to pursue counselling as a career. I grew up in a household where most controversial or emotional topics were swept under the rug—my afternoons...Read More »

From a breakup to the Blue Jays

By Leah Scheitel

It’s scoreless at the bottom of the second.

Last year, these words held a completely different meaning to me – most likely, there was no chance for meeting a good dude at the second bar I ventured to that night. But right now, it’s all about baseball.

I’m...Read More »

The Dumping & The Quitting

By Leah Scheitel

So I got dumped and then quit my job, and exactly in that order. This town is too small of a town to have that big of an ex in. From the stoop of my office, I could stand on my tippy toes and see into...Read More »

Love on the road: romanticizing travel affairs

By Samantha Lego

Everyone loves to ask me if I have ever fallen in love travelling.

It’s asked by my aunts at family dinners who worry I’ll die a spinster. It’s asked by colleagues and friends who have a hard time fathoming how I keep uprooting myself when everyone seems...Read More »

Holding off on Hormones: Why I chose to go off the pill

By Laura Collins

It’s funny how much we’re scared into believing that the best form of birth control is one that causes so many negative side effects. It’s unfair to not get pregnant, we also have to suffer through heavier mood swings, artificial hormones raging through our system, and the...Read More »

A broad abroad: why we still need feminism

By Kristi Alexandra

As soon as I stepped off the plane in Jakarta, travel-weary from a near 24 hours in transit, I was bombarded with 35-degree heat and the irrefutable humidity of the tropical, cosmopolitan South East Asian city.

Just as suffocating was the barrage of questions: “Miss...Read More »

A letter from the editor: Behind the scenes of Loose Lips Mag

“I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind leading,” -Amy Poehler

By Brittany Tiplady

There are two things in life that bring me...Read More »

Main Street Mama: Vancouver inspired baby names

By Jess Procter

You buy local. You eat local. Why don’t you name local?

It’s no secret that a lot of people hate Vancouver. Our hockey team is universally disliked. Our impenetrable, impossible real estate market has prompted many young people to write angry articles and move...Read More »

Period problems: Travelling the tropics prepared

By Samantha Lego

Having your garage painted, birthing a blood diamond, parting the Red Sea, massacre at the Y.

All of these are code words passed down by generations of women used to mask the fact they’re on their periods. A secret language of pads, tampons, cups, rings and all...Read More »

Role Reversal: Supporting my mom through her cancer battle

By Laura Collins

My entire life, my mom has been my rock. Sure, most moms are for their children, but my mom is more than my mom. She’s the one person who will never judge my actions, who I run all major decisions past, and who will be there...Read More »

In defence of going for the natural remedy

The word Naturopath often brings every hippie and every pharmacist out of the woodwork and into a controversial argument

By Miranda Victoria

While some claim natural medical remedies can be powerful enough to treat cancer, others say it is nothing more than modern-day voodoo.

In Alberta, a provincial court ruled the latter.

Couple David Stephan,...Read More »

Main Street Mama: the unexpected when expecting

A first time mother-to- be on the hopes, joys, and unexpected surprises of being pregnant.

By Jess Procter

A World of Worries

Despite coming from a white, middle-class, loving family and growing up in the suburbs in North America at a time when we have the highest life expectancy ever, I’ve always...Read More »

Eloping for the Modern Woman

Newlywed Jess Procter has a couple tips for couples who are broke, in love, and averse to big weddings
By Jess Procter


The majority of information to be found on Pinterest and in bridal mags revolve around planning your...Read More »

Real talk: A lesson in radical self-love

How I love my body, even when I don’t

By Sarah Foot

I’m 13 and I close my eyes ritualistically before I swing open my shower curtain. The only thing I fear in my adolescence is my own body.

I’m 23 and my eyes are open as I let a strange...Read More »

Lessons on turning 30

By Jess Procter

Thirty isn’t old— let’s get that out of the way. Maybe it’s because I spent the last decade serving regulars who were all over 50 and, in comparison, I still feel like I’m treading water in the fountain of youth.

While I’m excited to be entering a...Read More »

You can't eat that


By Cassidy Scott

I should have the words “Allergic to eggs, fish, and nuts” tattooed on my forehead. That piece of information is often more important than my own name.

Before anyone cared what veganism was, before gluten-free was the greatest thing since sliced bread, or before Nestle converted to...Read More »

I was on a TV Dating Show

By Leah Scheitel

The obsession with dating shows started after my second oral surgery. The drugs and recovery time required to heal forced me into a fort in my bedroom, filled with cats, sleeping bags, girlfriends, and shitty reality dating shows. There were five of us and...Read More »

Fit and Unhealthy: a confession


By Samantha Lego

Being in great shape was one of the worst things to ever happen to me.

Hold on. Wait. Did she just say that?

How – with “strong is the new skinny” and “love your body, love your life” mantras bombarding us from all...Read More »

Tangled: A Tale of Curly Hair

By Laura Collins

Its no mystery to those who know me that I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Some days, its all I can do to not straight-up shave my head.

People always say they want what they cant...Read More »

From Paris, with Tough Love

Photos and writing by Linnéa LeTourneau

Anger, exhaustion, disbelief and embarrassment. These are the emotions being felt by not just myself, but a handful of other expats living in Paris that I have spoken with since the attacks that unfolded on Friday night.

Not about the terrible...Read More »

The Camp 10

By Miranda Victoria

It didn’t matter how small I tried to make myself I was noticed. Walking with my head hanging down, eyes locked on the dirty floor, I could still feel the stares from dozens of men trying to make eye contact. Some smiled at me...Read More »

Teeth: who knew they meant so much?

By Leah Scheitel

I was once known for my teeth: perfectly straight and naturally charming. I have been complimented on my “tooth to gum ratio” more than once, and they were the envy of all of my friends who had to suffer through years of orthodontist appointments and...Read More »

Adulting: Moving Up vs Moving Out

By Faye Alexander

The first time I really moved, I was seventeen. And rather than just moving to a new home in within 1,000 km, my mom packed up all our things and uprooted our family from Montreal to North Vancouver.

It’s a popular idea...Read More »

Living in a man's world

Don’t’ you think it’s time we empowered our women?

By Kat Karpoff

“That’s not a girl’s job,”  my step-father would say when I would ask if I could cut the wood or mow the lawn.  

“What do you mean that’s not a girl’s job?  Why not?”  

“Because...Read More »

It's not you, it's your political party


By Claire Matthews

I had to stop sleeping with my fuck buddy because he was a Conservative. Of course, the logical question is, didn’t you know this? OKCupid has many questions you can answer for matchmaking, but not one of them asks what...Read More »

Enough with election apathy: Canada shows up


By Leah Scheitel

We are a few days away from arguably the most influential election in recent Canadian history and when it’s over it will be a bigger relief than loosening your pants after a Thanksgiving feast. This election was the longest, most scandalous and therefore most interesting one...Read More »

The Body Battle

brittany photo

By Brittany Tiplady

When I was 14, during a summer at the American Ballet Theater School, I was introduced to public body shaming. While standing at the barre, our evil morning teacher pinched my teenage thighs red because they jiggled while I was in tendue....Read More »