Music Notes: Vancouver babes already slaying 2017

By Kristi Alexandra

Despite the new dictator, ahem, leader of the free world being a dangerous threat to women’s rights, 2017 has kicked off to some serious babe power, not least of which exists in the Vancouver music scene. Here’s some music news we were thrilled to hear.

Tiny Kingdom Launch

Vancouver rock goddess SAVVIE launched her own music management label, Tiny Kingdom, alongside business partner Meagan Davidson in January. Together, the #girlboss duo kicked off news of their joint venture with a show at The Biltmore Cabaret on Jan. 19, featuring Sadie Campbell, the Wooden Horsemen, and Andrew Phelan.

Louise Burns’ new album drops

Our favourite lone wolf Louise Burns dropped news that she’s releasing her third album on Feb. 3. Young Mopes promises to be an uncompromising, ’80s-tinged look into her life, and will be released on Light Organ Records. Burns performs a free show at the Lido on Feb. 4 in support of her release.

Viper features on Local Creature & Alien Boy record

Emily Bach, better known to some in the city as Viper, is among Vancouver’s most travelled/collaborated musicians. She and her violin are a main fixture in Dirty Spells, FEELS, and Eric Campbell & The Dirt. Lately, though, you can hear her strings carrying through Local Creature & Alien Boy’s new self-released record, The Viper Sessions. Um, is there any bigger power moment than the one in which someone names an ALBUM after you? Take a listen.

groundwerk vancouver launches first video

Groundwerk is a community based producers initiative that meets monthly to share members music, socialize, and learn from the community in Vancouver. Diana Boss feat. Elle Wolf’s “West Coast” is the first release for Groundwerk Recordings and their first video is here.

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