Youngblood returns home

By Juliana Bergstrom

Since we last chatted with Youngblood frontwoman Alexis Young, she and the band have been busy, to say the least. They’ve toured and performed throughout Canada, Australia, and Europe, won one of three spots in the Juno masterclass, and Young headed solo to LA to write...Read More »

Westward Bound: Seaborne tracks new territory

Feature photo by Bad/Good

By Alli Hayes

Loose Lips’ resident music writer Alli Hayes caught up with electro-neo-soul duo Seaborne just before their Westward Festival performance. Seaborne, made up of Maryse Bernard and Soloman Krause-Imlach, chatted about returning to home soil from their current Montreal digs, and the...Read More »

SZA gets personal with CTRL tour

By Alli Hayes

“Take the heads off my Barbie Dolls, toss em’ to the side.” Ambient lyrics of Solana Rowe aka SZA’s EP  Z trails through an eighties montage, while it’s low-key groovy to listen to, it sounds but a dream compared to her highly achieved album, Ctrl. An upfront...Read More »

Artists open up on their Bass Coast experiences

Photos by Alli Hayes, Feature illustration by Kyla Yin (@kyinskies)

By Alli Hayes

The ninth edition of Bass Coast Electronic Music and Arts Festival  secreted soul-nurturing vibes even before early entry kick-off. After attending Bass Coast three times, I entered my fourth year at the festival feeling excited...Read More »

Woman-powered acts rock the mainstage at Folk Fest

By Loose Lips Mag

The Vancouver Folk Music Fest is older than a handful of its fans, but that won’t stop the annual fete from sharing some of its birthday bounty.

Celebrating its 40th year in action, the Jericho Beach-based music festival will be blowing out the candles with a...Read More »

Girls Rock Camp riffs on female empowerment

By Kristi Alexandra

Dear Vancouver-based girls screaming into invisible mics to the likes of Karen O and Kathleen Hanna in your bedrooms: you’re closer to showing off your riot grrl chops onstage than you think.

If you’re between the ages of eight and 17, Girls Rock Camp will outfit...Read More »

STORYHIVE turns up the volume for music video grants

By Loose Lips Mag

While crowdfunding for your band’s next tour or music video has been the subject of ridicule for some, musicians are no strangers to competing over FACTOR grants, set times and label spots. Fortunately for struggling songwriters across BC and Alberta, STORYHIVE has produced a...Read More »

Music Notes: Vancouver babes already slaying 2017

By Kristi Alexandra

Despite the new dictator, ahem, leader of the free world being a dangerous threat to women’s rights, 2017 has kicked off to some serious babe power, not least of which exists in the Vancouver music scene. Here’s some music news we were thrilled to hear.

Tiny Kingdom...Read More »

The Power of Female Voice in Vancouver’s Punk & Metal Scene

Keeleigh Julien, the vocalist for Black Pills. Photo by Jessie Hannah. 

By Jessie Hannah

Feminism has come a long way, yet watching the election makes it clear that women are still talked-over, interrupted and held to a different standard of communication.

Does that make you want to scream?

Perhaps it should. Could it...Read More »

Little Crow finds serendipity in songwriting

By Kristi Alexandra

Jamming buddies. Music partners. Life partners.

That was the order of things for Little Crow’s Emily Seal and Kas Baker. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the dark folk duo — set to release their debut EP this Sunday, Nov. 6 — found a little serendipity...Read More »

Review: Purity Ring in Vancouver

By Alli Hayes

The Vogue was powered by a weight of new sounds on Tuesday night, with a long ass line-up to get into the venue that almost lasted through mystic HANA’s opening set. It was no doubt Vancity was going to be hit with some much-needed future pop...Read More »

Youngblood's frontwoman finds life's sweet spot

feature photo by Lauren Zbarsky

By Juliana Bergstrom

Alexis Young has found her sweet spot in the world. By day, she’s a graphic designer for Vancouver’s iconic yoga brand, lululemon. By night, she’s the fiercely talented frontwoman for her band, Youngblood.

We caught up with Young to chat self-reliance, making dreams...Read More »

Introducing Vancouver's Blue Dream Team

The Blue Dream girls. (Feature photo by Alli Hayes)

By Alli Hayes

Jenny Lea and Tee Krispil are both a collaborative bond and friendship. Having written high-improv IMUR track Blue Dream sampling Jenny’s parents music from the 1970s, the girls recall memories of herbal journeys.

Loose Lips met up with...Read More »

Sarah Jane Scouten finds authenticity in cowboy music roots

[Photo by Jen Ochej/@jenochej]

By Kristi Alexandra

“Whenever anyone talks about ‘authenticity,’ it all kind of sounds like bullshit,” Sarah Jane Scouten declares over the phone from a tour stop in Clinton, BC.

When Loose Lips reaches the Canadian singer, she’s recovering from farm-induced allergies, thanks in part...Read More »

Skye Wallace gets louder with Something Wicked

Vancouver-via-Toronto “queen of dark folk” gets a sonic charge

By Kristi Alexandra

There’s an old adage that warns us to “never meet your heroes.” While coming face-to-face with your musical idols can strike the wrong note for some of us (been there), the opposite couldn’t be more true for musician...Read More »

Vancouver's Sophia Danai delivers a new feminist album

Sophia Danai takes the reigns on her love life and artistic vision on Love Royale

Kristi Alexandra

When it comes to singers in Vancouver, Sophia Danai is in a league of her own. Not to say other raincity based musicians aren’t worth their salt — but the sultry R&B...Read More »

Les Chausettes frontwoman releases solo single

Les Chausettes singer Jovana Golubovic goes solo on the side with new single “Where I’m Going”

Kristi Alexandra

One might find it surprising that Les Chausettes frontwoman Jovana Golubovic doesn’t have a natural propensity to perform. The 27-year-old musician’s direction and songwriting is, after all, what carries the Vancouver cinematic...Read More »

Vancouver-based jazz singer Jaclyn Guillou pens Juno-worthy album

Vancouver-based jazz singer Jaclyn Guillou gets Juno nod with This Bitter Earth

Kristi Alexandra

The character of the tortured artist isn’t merely a Hollywood trope. A tryst with crushing depression and turbulent times seems almost a rite of passage for any truly great musician. That’s what Vancouver-based jazz singer Read More »

Her Brothers sing out against human trafficking

Vancouver alternative rock band uses music to start conversations about respecting women

By Miranda Victoria

It was three years ago that Gabe Penner found himself in a situation familiar to many Canadian men in their early twenties: boarding a plane to an adventure.

Thailand-bound with a group of friends, the young musician...Read More »


Bluesy rock-and-roll singer Miss Quincy knows how to wrangle a line-up of local babes

Kristi Alexandra

Though the band name might fool you, Jody Peck — frontwoman of Miss Quincy & The Showdown — is more inclined to camaraderie than competition.

The singer-guitarist, better known to some of her fans...Read More »

Louise Burns, the lone wolf rocker

From backing bassist to solo songstress, Louise Burns navigates feminine identity in the music industry

(Feature photo by Leigh Righton)

By Marissa Del Mistro

For nearly two decades, Louise Burns has navigated the music industry with her bass guitar as her guide.

The now-solo songstress earned her chops in the late ‘90s playing bass...Read More »

Crazy for Frazey

Vancouver’s folksy, neo-soul queen isn’t afraid to tell the truth

By Kristi Alexandra

There’s a bit of hard truth and earned honesty written into Frazey Ford’s sophomore album Indian Ocean.

A collaboration between Al Green’s band, the Hi Rhythm Section in Memphis, Tennessee, and her...Read More »

Adele moves into adulthood with '25'

By Kristi Alexandra

It’s hard to believe that Taylor Swift and Adele are born just a year apart. Though there’s no denying they both write a killer break-up song, there’s something innately more adult about Adele’s music and lyricism.

Perhaps it’s that the increasingly beautiful singer...Read More »

Abraham brings houseparties to their knees

By Amanda Kay

Abraham a.k.a Sydney Batters, is a sweet, sentimental soul who’s guilty pleasure is children’s movies. Abraham is actually the name her parents were planning to bestow upon her, should she have been born of the opposite sex. Now it serves her musical alter ego.

This...Read More »

The hunger for creativity: Ciara Kuurne

By Stephanie Dacre

Starving artist. The word used to refer to creative people who haven’t made it yet. The title has thick, cloudy, negative stigma surrounding it.

No one wants to be called a starving artist; and it’s not because they have a problem with being called...Read More »

SAVVIE oozes sexuality in new sound


Former folk singer turns feisty frontwoman in latest musical project

By Kristi Alexandra

Her transformation from meek folk singer to rock goddess may seem like an overnight change to some, but it was quite a natural progression contends Savannah Leigh Wellman — now fronting her own rock...Read More »

Album Review: Lianne La Havas' Blood


By Kristi Alexandra

Lianne La Havas is a singer with the wisdom and the chops of a woman twice her age, but the 25-year-old songwriter isn’t without her growing pains. The artist’s sophomore album Blood, released July 31 on Nonesuch Records — the label responsible for...Read More »

Review: Lisa Leblanc


Lisa Leblanc at the Biltmore Cabaret
September 10th

By Kelsey Reimer

The Biltmore was on fire, and deep in the blazing centre of it all was Lisa Leblanc, grinning. The charismatic performer brought her unique style of ‘folk-trash’ to Vancouver and was welcomed by...Read More »