Resistance Roundup: Volume Eight

By Andrea Loewen

“The likelihood that your acts of resistance cannot stop the injustice does not exempt you from acting in what you sincerely and reflectively hold to be the best interests of your community.”

― Susan Sontag

A monthly round up of Resistance Research, including quotes, news, analysis, inspiration, and...Read More »

Horoscopes: October

By Andi Astre

With all personal planets moving forward in October, this is a month of movement, progress, and looking ahead. The Aries Full Moon early in the month coincides with a conjunction between the heavenly lovers, Mars and Venus, offering us the opportunity to consider the masculine and...Read More »


By Kate Belton

Please note: Kate’s drunk advice does not reflect the views of those at Loose Lips Magazine. Reader Discretion is advised. Need some advice yourself? Send in your question to 

Dear Kate,
I have a long time close friend, recently or not so recently she’s been overloading...Read More »

Horoscopes: September Edition

By Andi Astre

What does the current astrological shift, September’s Mercury retrograde and a new moon in Virgo portend for you? Resident astrologist at Gastown’s The Good Spirit and now Loose Lips, Mystic Sandwich, charts the skies.


With the eclipse energy still rippling through your house of pleasure...Read More »

Resistance Roundup: Volume Seven

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” – Desmond Tutu

By Andrea Loewen

This month has become...Read More »

Resistance Roundup: Volume Six

(Photo: j_bary via / CC BY)

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too...Read More »

Resistance Roundup: Volume Five

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker

By Andrea Loewen

This Month’s Action:

It’s time to #GrabYourWallet in a real way! This regime is all about money, so hit them where it hurts. Here is a Read More »

Book Club Vol 4: Be Feel Think Do

By Alli Hayes

“The science says we are capable of self healing and self generating and self creating, that means that external forces can’t control us as much. That’s why there is a resistance there I think, but the change happens at an individual level, so it’s the...Read More »

Resistance Roundup: Volume four

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.” – Assata Shakur

By Andrea Loewen

This month’s action:

Pay attention to – and get involved in – your local politics. No matter where you live,...Read More »

Resistance Roundup: Volume Three

“True resistance comes from people confronting pain… and wanting to do something about it.” – Bell Hooks

By Andrea Loewen

This Month’s Action:

This month it was remarkably harder to find news and articles about the madness of Trump’s administration. Of course it was: it’s been a...Read More »

The subtle science of Ghosting: An etiquette guide

By Samantha Lego

You match. You chat. You realize he’s not a complete moron. You get excited and you go on a date, maybe two. Maybe it’s been weeks. You’re riding a high that only the promise of a new relationship can bring.

Then all of a sudden he’s not...Read More »

Book Club Vol 3: Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman

Book cover found on

By Michelle Gaudet

“In a certain light, feminism is just the long, slow realization that the stuff you love hates you.”

What we are reading: Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West

About the author: Lindy West is a writer, editor, and performer from...Read More »

Ask Kate: Vol 5

By Kate Belton

Please note: Kate’s drunk advice does not reflect the views of those at Loose Lips Magazine. Reader Discretion is advised.

Dear Kate,
Normally I don’t like to ask for advice. But I’ve been dealing with what seems to become more and more of an isolating situation that...Read More »

Boss Babes of Vancouver's Iconic Dominion Building

My Modern Closet, photo by Brit Gill

By Loose Lips Mag

It’s no secret that Vancouver, being the #woke city it is, is teeming with ladypreneurs and female-forward businesses. In a specific corner of Gastown, however, there’s a concentrated number of babe bosses that happen to share a roof with...Read More »

Resistance Roundup: Volume two

“We must try not to sink beneath our anguish, Harry, but battle on.”
-Albus Dumbledore/J.K. Rowling

By Andrea Loewen

A monthly round up of Resistance Research, including quotes, news, analysis, inspiration, and action items. Let’s break this regime down into actionable items and take it down, bit by bit. 


This Month’s...Read More »

Resistance Roundup: Volume One

“Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
James 4:7

By Andrea Loewen

After the Women’s March in January, I felt strong and full of energy. The statement we made was so powerful. It also was not enough — unjust things are still happening in America and around the world....Read More »

Wedding woes: What’s In A Name?

By Katie Lawrence

Nothing makes you realize just how much your last name means to you until you’re asked to change it.

When my fiancé proposed, he caught me off guard. It was our fourth anniversary and we were on vacation in Montréal. We had talked about marriage, but I...Read More »

Reasons to celebrate Galentine's Day this year

A handful of the Loose Lips gang celebrating the inaugural Loose Lips Galentine’s bash

By Loose Lips Mag

Pussy is grabbing back in more ways than one this year. With feminism on the rise, self-identifying women are finding new ways to smash the patriarchy. Galentine’s Day is replacing the traditional Valentine’s...Read More »

Ask Kate: Vol 4

By Kate Belton

Please note: Kate’s drunk advice does not reflect the views of those at Loose Lips Magazine. Reader Discretion is advised.

Dear Kate,
Two years ago, I started a business with my friend that is partly our passion project, and partly our career goals. The problem is, we...Read More »

New West Spotlight: Shops To Look Out For

Begbie, the Brick&Mortar shop dog and mascot. Photo courtesy of the Brick&Mortar website

By Brittany Tiplady

Lacking a mega-mall or huge commercial retailers, New Westminster is a locale that thrives on small business. Many of our most-loved boutiques, listed below, are run by Royal City #girlbosses. Naturally.

Brick&Mortar living

Dog lovers rejoice:Read More »

Holiday Feminist Gift Guide 2016

By Loose Lips Mag

Find troves of treasures for your fellow feminists this Christmas season. We’ve got a list of goods that are at Tyra-levels of fierce to gift to your bests, from the witchy woman to the book lover.

For the statement maker:

The Future is Female tee by Otherwild

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Ask Kate: Vol 3 Holiday Edition

By Kate Belton

Please note: Kate’s drunk advice does not reflect the views of those at Loose Lips Magazine. Reader Discretion is advised.

Dear Kate,
My partner is a mega-grinch and it bums me out. I used to love Christmas, and his negative attitude has turned me into a bit...Read More »

Christmas illustrations to capture holiday anxiety

by Larenna Page

Oh, the holidays! Some of us are filled with Christmas cheer, and others, debilitating anxiety. New Zealand social artist Larenna Page illustrates 11 awkward thoughts and moments in two scenarios that might ring true to you this season.

Want to see more? Visit Larenna on Read More »

Vancouver Thrift and Consignment stores to grab your holiday dress

By Brittany Tiplady

It’s the time of year where women will famously lament: “I have nothing to wear!” Holiday parties are in full-swing and while copping a discounted number at Forever 21 might seem convenient and financially appealing, try grabbing your next cocktail dress at one of Vancouver’s thrift...Read More »

Book Club Vol 2: Feminist Fight Club

By Michelle Gaudet

“Recognizing sexism is harder than it once was. Like the micro-aggressions that people of colour endure daily – racism masked as subtle insults or dismissals – today’s sexism is insidious, casual, politically correct, even friendly.”

What we’re reading: Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a...Read More »

Where-to guide: Vancouver's Gender Neutral Bathrooms

A guide on where to find gender neutral bathrooms in Vancouver

By Marissa Del Mistro

Can you imagine a seemingly simple task, such as using a toilet in a public space igniting fear, stress, humiliation and harassment? For many individuals this a daily reality.

“Gender neutral” bathrooms are typically...Read More »

Fit for Fall: Day trips from Vancouver

By Samantha Lego

As the weather darkens and the gloom of Fall sets in, most Vancouverites sadly store their hiking boots away and dream of drier times.

It’s the struggle of a true West Coaster.

But despair no more, for fall is the perfect time to grab your camera and discover...Read More »

Book Club Vol 1: Jessica Valenti's memoir, Sex Object

“…although I was drawn to someone who treated me as his equal, I did not know what to do with that gift. That I thought it was a gift rather than a given was probably the problem,”  Jessica Valenti in Sex Object

By Michelle Gaudet

What we are reading: Sex...Read More »

Three Vancouver hikes and trails to try on a day off

We’re all creatures of habit and sometimes it’s tough to get out of our comfort zone to explore somewhere we’ve never been before, but it doesn’t have to be

By Christina Willis

Lynn Loop, North Vancouver

Lynn Valley is a gem of the Pacific North West. It was a rainy day...Read More »

2016 Feminist Halloween Costume Round up

By Nicole Gaudet

Since Halloween is just around the coroner (get it), there’s a good chance you are undecided on a costume and at the last minute might settle on dressing up as a Sexy Nurse.

Don’t fear! Or do, it’s Halloween I guess. We have some feminist friendly, and warm, costume ideas.

#1-Furiosa...Read More »

Hillary's Biggest Problem

By Leah Scheitel

Okay, so let’s talk about Hillary Clinton, and let’s do it in a specific way. Let’s not talk about her husband or his string of infidelities. Let’s not mention Monica, or any of Donald Trump’s accusations against Bill, or even much of her time as the...Read More »

4 types of sexist comments all women have heard

Hey Loose Lips readers, we are Brittany and Nicole (Nicole is a new Loose Lips contributor, give her a warm welcome), and we are two girls who, like all girls, have had some outrageous comments thrown at us by the opposite sex.

Nicole (@nicgaudet ):  As a 22-year-old queer girl, I’ve...Read More »

Vancouver's Dating Game: Outdoors edition

By Samantha Lego

Here at Loose Lips we want to make things easier for our readers. We’ve given you advice on where to meet others in the city, we’ve even given you advice on what’s culturally (and geographically) appropriate to name your baby.

But no one has mentioned the in-between...Read More »

In The Ring: Aprons for Gloves Restaurant Rumble 2016

Sarah Costa fighting in last year’s Apron’s for Gloves Restaurant Rumble. All themed photos by Guy Roland. 

By Brittany Tiplady

Wednesday night at the Commodore Ballroom will be the fifth year that local bartenders, baristas, barbers and butchers trade in their aprons for a pair of boxing gloves and raise their dukes...Read More »

Stories of a condom collection

A single girl’s guide to navigating through the bounty of men and rubbers 

By Laura Collins

We all have a condom collection. It lives in our bedside drawer, or maybe in the bathroom, hidden behind the tampons. It comes in the form of a clear glass jar (if you’re bold),...Read More »

A Love Letter to the Service Industry

By Jess Procter

If you are, or ever have been, a part of the service industry, then you’re part of a society. A not-so-secret and a-little-bit-bitter society of individuals who are tasked with the very special and under appreciated charge of providing food and beverage service to hungry and...Read More »

How-To Guide: DIY Bombshell Bath Bombs

Elizabeth Barr

Every once it’s nice to get pampered, right? Well if you’re like me, you’d like that to happen a little more often. But with busy schedules, and even busier social lives it’s hard to find the time.

This year for Valentine’s Day, I decided to gift some of...Read More »

Sweet printables for your sweetheart

By Elizabeth Barr

Didn’t stop by the drug store to get your loved one an $8.99 card? Download these PDF printables and add some quick wit to your Valentine’s Day gift. Heck, even print it off on some fancy card stock.

Check these out:

Click here for: “Let’s Grow...Read More »

Where-to guide: Women's Health in Vancouver

By Brittany Tiplady

Tracking down the right women’s health clinic can be a daunting task. One of the reasons why so many women neglect to take care of their feminine health could be the intimidating factor of simply not knowing where to go. Facilities across the city offer...Read More »

Seven words to add to your feminist vocabulary in 2016

As feminism continues to grow so should our vocabulary

by Sarah Foot

Like any field, feminism continues to flourish and adapt as time passes. Addressing new concepts, old issues, and emerging ideas, the language we use is a huge part of this growth. Our expanding feminist vocabulary is important because...Read More »

Colouring yourself calm

Bringing back a childhood hobby into adult zen. 

By Brittany Tiplady

Self-help books and ativan are slowly taking a back seat to the new phenomenon of Adult Colouring therapy.

Some are confident that colouring has led to mindfulness, meditation, and stress relief. Banyen Books on West 4th, Vancouver’s spiritual and...Read More »

Holiday How-To: Gift Wrapping


By Elizabeth Barr

‘Tis the season for gift giving and gift wrapping.

There are so many different and unique ways to wrap a gift that can make a huge impact on the holiday excitement. So instead of stuffing your present in a gift bag or getting it gift-wrapped at the mall...Read More »

Holiday How-to: DIY Wreaths


By Elizabeth Barr

I love a good DIY project. I am that girl who you will find scrolling through the black-hole that is Pinterest, at 2 am thinking about how it would be much easier (and cheaper – lets be real here), to make my own tufted headboard or...Read More »

Women brave the streets Bartitsu style

Academie Duello teaches women’s self-defense through a gentlemen’s Victorian era martial art

By Rachelle Lachland

Bartitsu is a martial art more than 100 years old and a Vancouver-based academy wants to equip women with the skill as part of a self-defense series.

Created by Englishman Edward Barton-Wright, who studied jiu-jitsu and Judo...Read More »

I was on a TV Dating Show

By Leah Scheitel

The obsession with dating shows started after my second oral surgery. The drugs and recovery time required to heal forced me into a fort in my bedroom, filled with cats, sleeping bags, girlfriends, and shitty reality dating shows. There were five of us and...Read More »

Ask Kate: Vol 3

We’ve asked our friend Kate Belton to get drunk and answer your questions. Expect honesty. Expect crazy.

By Kate Belton

Please note: Kate’s drunk advice  does not reflect the views of those at Loose Lips Magazine. Reader Discretion is advised.

Dear Kate,

My name is Cecilia, I’m a mid 20’s Van...Read More »

Turkey time for the stars

By Kelsey Dech

We all love a good Instagram creep, dont we? It was recently American Thanksgiving and what better time to see how (or how not) the stars celebrate. Here are eight of the best Instagrams posted by the A-listers of Hollywood.

This slideshow...Read More »

Street Style: December

By Shannon McLachlan & Kelsey Dech
@semclachlan & @kelseyy_D

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

November Feminist Starter Pack

By Kristi Alexandra

Many feminists – like myself – have only recently come to terms with the label through growth and education on gender equality. In the past, I’ve announced “I’m not a feminist!” or, “Of course I believe in equality but the word is divisive,” or some other...Read More »

Gossip: Netflix & Chilton?

Celeb news without a hint of sarcasm, because, honestly, we’re hoping these rumours are true!

By Kelsey Dech

Street Style: October

By Shannon McLachlan and Kelsey Dech
@semclachlan, @kelseydech

Ask Kate: Vol 2

Kate belton

We’ve asked our friend Kate Belton to get drunk and answer your questions. Expect honesty. Expect crazy.

By Kate Belton

Please note: Kate’s drunk advice  does not reflect the views of those at Loose Lips Magazine. Reader Discretion is advised.

Dear Kate,
I like my job and coworkers most days,...Read More »

Clown Painting Makeup Tutorial

By Irina Gabriela

Stuck on your Halloween makeup this year? The Beauty Vault’s Irina Gabriela features her clown painting makeup tutorial.

Irina is a professional makeup artist and owner of The Beauty Vault. She has been in...Read More »

Enough with election apathy: Canada shows up


By Leah Scheitel

We are a few days away from arguably the most influential election in recent Canadian history and when it’s over it will be a bigger relief than loosening your pants after a Thanksgiving feast. This election was the longest, most scandalous and therefore most interesting one...Read More »

Women's issues: a breakdown of Canada's election promise


Collage by Abby Wiseman

By Sarine Gulerian

Here at Loose Lips, we wanted to know what the party leaders, if elected, will do for the women of Canada when the campaigning is over and there are no more babies to hug.


There...Read More »

Street Style: September

By Shannon McLachlan and Kelsey Dech
@semclachlan, @kelseydech

Ask Kate

Kate belton

We’ve asked our friend Kate Belton to get drunk and answer your questions. Expect honesty. Expect crazy.

By Kate Belton

Please note: Kate’s drunk advice  does not reflect the views of those at Loose Lips Magazine. Reader Discretion is advised.

Dear Kate,

I work in...Read More »

Catcall Diaries Vol. 1

A rolling catalogue of come-ons and catcalls our writers had hurled at them this month. Unfortunately, not uncommon in the female experience. Here’s what we wished we could have said.


Shout out to the middle-aged construction worker who thought it was oh-so-necessary to hoot and holler at...Read More »