Babes Who Brunch: The Wallflower Diner

Art adorned diner with a too-hip-for-you vibe, serving up comfort food for both vegans and carnivores

By Theresa-Anne Clarke

Where: The Wallflower, 2420 Main St, Vancouver

Hair of the dog: Ask and you shall receive; this restaurant featured just about any drink you could ask for, and several local beers on tap. I enjoyed a cup of coffee and “the cheapest beer you guys have” (Old Milwaukee).


What we ate: After a questionable amount of deliberation we picked the Vegan BBQ Tofu Hash ($12) with sautéed peppers, red onions, mushrooms, tofu, BBQ sauce, hash browns, and sourdough toast. As a hungry after thought we also picked the Mc’Nuffin ($10), a vegan take on the classic breakfast sandwich featuring fried polenta instead of egg, and vegan sausage.


What we loved: Menus with a surplus of choices for both me and my celiac mother. The vibe of the establishment was incomparable, due to the frequent dancing outbursts by staff when a certain Blondie or Riot Grrl song would play. Most importantly, brunch is served till 4pm (which makes the Wallflower about as magical as Disneyland).


Theresa-Anne is an overly enthusiastic, dolphin obsessed, student journalist and mini-librarian. She’s only a couple Mondays away from attaching a coffee IV to her person.