Vancouver-Based Artists Band Together After Rapist Roll Call

By Alli Hayes

Vancouver-based female artists are banding together to build stronger support networks after unexpected events sprouted from the global #MeToo social media campaign.

A handful of prolific men in the Vancouver music and nightlife scene have been noted on the Rapist Roll Call list, some for multiple counts of...Read More »

Wicca, Witches and What Magic Looks like Today

Story and photography by Sarine Guerian

Double, double toil and trouble has always been brewing for those who practice the ancient craft of magic. It’s the final taboo. Despite the portrayal in popular media, witches don’t practice animal sacrifice, cast evil hexes or fly around on brooms.

They...Read More »

Body Talk with Harlow Skin Co.

Photography by Brit Gill

By Alison Sinkewicz

Skincare is a ritual, and Harlow Skin Co. CEO and creative director Chrystal Macleod is a dutiful practitioner. But rather than preaching brighter, dewier, or clearer skin, Macleod’s whole ingredient line of products a has beautiful complexion as the end result, but...Read More »

Here To Help: Resource Guide for Sexual Assault in BC Universities

By Sarine Guerian

In 2016, the government finally mandated British Columbia Universities to implement sexual assault policies. Previous to this, campus resources for survivors were scarce and often non-existent. Since these policies have been implemented, it’s important to know what to do and where to go if it happens to...Read More »

Topless in Vancouver: Wrong Arrest of the Chest

Photo by Coralie Kourany (@ladyfromthesea)

By Alli Hayes

“Excuse me ladies, is it alright if I take my shirt off at this park?” Ironically, I am asked this question after spending a lot of time this summer talking to friends, strangers, and family about baring your chest in public....Read More »

Bossy: Loss&Found's Rachel Ricketts

Photo by Bethany Schiedel 

By Brittany Tiplady

Ricketts walked into the Loose Lips office, right on time, carrying an abundance of energy that served as a prelude to how our interview would go: shit would get real. We began the interview making small talk about the perils of moving and renting...Read More »

The Funny Woman Faux Pas

By Sarine Gulerian

It’s been a decade since the funny woman debate formally began. On one end of the boxing ring we had comedic heavyweights such as Tiny Fey, Kristen Wigg, and Sarah Silverman. On the other, journalist and contrarian Christopher Hitchens.

The match was eloquently reffed and fairly weighted...Read More »

I Got It From My Mama: Mother's Day with Brittany and Susana

By Brittany Tiplady

We got it from our mamas. As two ladies who run a feminist magazine, leading a group of warrior writer women who each have their own voice, we thought we’d give some credit back to the women who’ve shaped us. It’s through their...Read More »

I Got It From My Mama: Mother's Day with Kristi and Shelley

By Kristi Alexandra

We got it from our mamas. As two ladies who run a feminist magazine, leading a group of warrior writer women who each have their own voice, we thought we’d give some credit back to the women who’ve shaped us. It’s through their guidance and resilience,...Read More »

The Apology documents struggle of WWII Comfort Women in senior years

By Kristi Alexandra

It’s an unfortunate truth, but the story’s not uncommon: woman gets raped, woman reports rape, woman gets called names. For some, the paradox perpetuates unreported sexual assault, with many survivors taking the secret assaults to the grave.

The struggle still wages on for the “comfort women” —...Read More »

Women On the Line documentary: a tribute to gender-balanced kitchens

By Brittany Tiplady

What would a balanced kitchen taste like? The creatives behind the Women on the Line documentary are chopping through the culinary glass ceiling to find out.

As more talented female chefs are entering commercial kitchens proving they have the chops run with the old boys club,...Read More »

PACE Society fights the stigma of sex work in Vancouver

Image from PACE Society’s Facebook: Red Umbrella March in Vancouver

By Alli Hayes

Sex work can be found in many forms throughout Vancouver at all price points. From quietly-owned, high-end escort agencies, to LeoList.com, acquiring sexual acts for a charge isn’t...Read More »

Bif Naked opens up on I, Bificus

Bif Naked shares an intimate story on love, music and coping in her recently launched memoir, I, Bificus

By Alli Hayes

Halfway through Bif Naked’s recent memoir I, Bificus,  there is a cluster of glossy pages, a dark haired beauty covered in Taoist tattoos, patent leather-clad on the...Read More »

Sole Girls Program makes a run for self-esteem

The oh–sole–inspiring founder of Sole Girls Ashley Wiles makes confidence a core practice

By Juliana Bergstrom

In a culture where independence and entrepreneurship are celebrated, Ashley Wiles found a unique whitespace in which to execute her vision: to nurture healthy, active, confident young women and make them leaders.

Sole Girls is...Read More »

Who are Canada's Missing Women?

Former VPD detective on the infamous Pickton case opens up on how we did the missing women wrong, and the reports that stay an unsolved mystery

By Kristi Alexandra

It was April 14, 1998, when Sarah de Vries was reported missing. Her DNA would be found years later on infamous serial...Read More »

Areola tattoo clinic inks breast cancer survivors

The areola tattoo clinic at Eagle Ridge Hospital provides normalcy for post-mastectomy breast cancer survivors. Please note that graphic patient consent photos will follow. 

By Brittany Tiplady

One morning in January 2015, Carol Shields, 68, walked into her first tattoo appointment. Curious and blinded of all expectation, she entered the...Read More »

Feminist photo book creates art in trauma

By Brittany Tiplady

23-year-old San Francisco native Jamie Oliveira has turned her personal trauma into a documentary-style book powered by feminine energy and collective healing.

(more than) dust began as series of Tumblr and Facebook posts by Oliveira, of self portraits paired with poetry and a list of destructive phrases...Read More »

The Hairy Truth: Body Hair Trend Leads a Social Rebellion

How growing out and dyeing armpit hair had women breaking beauty standards in 2015

By Sarine Gulerian

In 2015, women were partaking in a new hair trend. No, it wasn’t an ombre or a balayage.

Women started dyeing their underarm hair bright...Read More »

Claire Wilson brews inspiration at Vancouver's Dogwood Brewing

By Alli Hayes

There are so many reasons to celebrate craft beer. Its flavour and social charm, a growing local community, a space where you can taste hundreds of different adventures. Claire Wilson, brewmaster and CEO of Dogwood Brewing, has been offering all of the above in her...Read More »

Blazing the road to independence

A new generation of female motorcyclists are shifting the balance of power in B.C.

By Kristi Alexandra

Imagine riding down BC’s Crow’s Nest Highway, the wind in your face, and the potent rumble of a v-twin engine between your legs. Your bike is the...Read More »

All Access P.A.S.S: Gender and Ability Inclusion for Vancouver Nightlife

By Sarah Foot

What does an average ‘night out’ in Vancouver look like for you?

A couple drinks, your friends’ band in town, maybe some dancing.

But, what if you can’t reach the bar because your wheelchair won’t go up the stairs? Or what if the bouncer delays your entrance asking...Read More »

Five things we can do to end violence against women

By Miranda Victoria

On Dec. 6, 1989, Marc Lépine walked in to l’École Polytechnique engineering school in Montréal armed with a suicide note and a Mini-14 model semi-automatic rifle.

Bursting into a mechanical engineering class, Lépine demanded the men and women separate to opposite sides of the classroom.

Read More »

Trudeau's gender-balanced cabinet was a long-time coming


“Because it’s 2015” couldn’t be more poignant

By Kat Karpoff

It’s baffling that the question was even asked, but when newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a reporter he’d appointed a gender-balanced cabinet, his simple reply was, “Because it’s 2015.”

Trudeau announced a while ago that he would be making...Read More »

Under the (Tattoo) Gun: Part Two

By Kristi Alexandra

The corner of Commercial Drive and Venables Street has long stood as an unspoken enclave for female liberation. For the past 20 years, it’s been home to the all-women’s sex shop Womyn’s Ware, where dildos, lube, kegel balls and feminist erotic literature are offered for...Read More »

Under the (Tattoo) Gun: Part One

Photo by Megan Magdalena Bourne

By Brittany Tiplady

“I had my dad leaning over my shoulder, and my friend staring at it, and I was sweating and terrified. And I kept thinking: ‘I can’t mess this up on my new friend!'”  

Just over two years ago, Olivia Harrison tattooed...Read More »

Women's issues: a breakdown of Canada's election promise


Collage by Abby Wiseman

By Sarine Gulerian

Here at Loose Lips, we wanted to know what the party leaders, if elected, will do for the women of Canada when the campaigning is over and there are no more babies to hug.


There...Read More »

Young and Female in Vancouver: Rent Cheque


Earning your Rent Cheque at the Astoria’s amateur strip night

By Abby Wiseman

Two young women come up to the small stage, facing a packed house at the Astoria. They’re up to compete. One grabs the microphone, lies on her stomach with legs flipped up behind her, one...Read More »

The Darlings Cabaret gets risque in Gastown


Bold, Beautiful and Bawdier Than Burlesque

By Brittany Tiplady

When most think of cabaret, what comes to mind are feather boas, sequins and Moulin Rouge, but the bold and beautiful Darlings Cabaret group is bringing something much more unique to Vancouver.

For the Darlings, the entire venue...Read More »

SAVVIE oozes sexuality in new sound


Former folk singer turns feisty frontwoman in latest musical project

By Kristi Alexandra

Her transformation from meek folk singer to rock goddess may seem like an overnight change to some, but it was quite a natural progression contends Savannah Leigh Wellman — now fronting her own rock...Read More »

#Bossy: Erika Rekis

Erika Rekis picks out fabrics at the Lululemon Lab. (Photo: Laura Scotten)

Erika Rekis: Designer of Women’s Wear at Lululemon Lab

By Abby Wiseman

The photoshoot was not going to plan. It was supposed to be about clean lines and wild backgrounds with models dressed in Lululemon Lab clothing, all shot in front of a white sheet on...Read More »

#Bossy: Karyn Chopik

Designer Karyn Chopik with her jewelry-making crew at Chopik's studio. (Photo: Sierra Jones)

Langley jewelry designer puts women to work

By Sierra Jones

There’s more to Karyn Chopik’s jewelry than just stones placed in metal.

Designer Karyn Chopik with her jewelry-making crew at Chopik’s studio. (Photo: Sierra Jones)

Behind each eclectic ring, bracelet and necklace, are hours...Read More »