WE Online summit helps women entrepreneurs thrive

Pilot Programs, Kickstarter and Communities are Some of the Tactics Women are Using to Grow Major Online Businesses
By Loose Lips Mag
Women are growing strong communities to grow strong businesses online. The support of these communities makes building global, six-figure businesses online with little or no upfront capital, while raising their children at home a more attainable feat.
Miranda Lievers, COO of Thinkific said: “We believe that the greatest resource women entrepreneurs have is each other. That’s why we are launching WE Online, to increase the visibility of successful women entrepreneurs, have them share their knowledge and help bolster the growth of these communities.”
Dorie Clark, a speaker for WE Online, Adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, author, and entrepreneur said: “I piloted [my online course] with a cohort of just under 50 students.”
Clark wanted to create a course at a lower price point than her private sessions and classes, so she created it online, and It was her community of students that helped her to validate the idea.
“This pilot allowed me to test demand and create a course that was aligned with students’ needs. That early research enabled me to gain momentum fast.” Clark continued.
By tapping into her community, Clark was able to grow her online business quickly and reach a new market segment that she was missing with her live courses and sessions.
Cha-zay Sandhriel, founder of Core Freedom Academy, also leverages online communities to enable her success. She uses Kickstarter to launch and fund her course creation, allowing her to create highly specialized, unique courses with a guaranteed audience.
“I chose crowdfunding to create one of my online courses for several reasons. Not only is it a marketing strategy to bring awareness to a new course, but it also builds community because the creation of my course becomes a team effort. Every supporter gets to participate in the creation of the course by communicating what lessons they would like to see … making it much easier and quicker to create a course that my audience actually wants.” Said Sandhriel.
The flexibility of online business tends to be more conducive to family life for many women. Dana Malstaff, founder of Boss Mom and WE Online speaker chose to become an entrepreneur online when she got pregnant and left her corporate job.
“I knew I couldn’t be happy as a stay at home mom, entrepreneurship was important to me, but so was raising my family. So I started the Boss Mom community to create a space for myself and other women like me who feel guilty no matter how they choose to raise their family or how they choose to raise their business.”
It became clear to Malstaff when she wrote her book Boss Mom, that she could be passionate about both her career and her children, and that the two could co-exist and enhance one another. She coaches other moms with the philosophy and her community has been constantly growing.
WE Online is a free, week-long digital summit running from October 24 to 28, featuring successful women entrepreneurs sharing their advice on how to start an online business and grow it into a 6-figure plus income. By registering, attendees will gain access to the live sessions, as well as the recordings for a limited time.

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