Skill set: Weaving 101 with Lucy Poskitt

Photo by Joey Armstrong

By Brittany Tiplady

The workshop culture threading its way through Vancouver is growing in strides with creative types around the city opening up their skill sets to the public.

Textile artist Lucy Poskitt is offering Weaving 101 workshops in Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary that give new weavers the skills, tools, and inspiration to continue the craft from home.

“I graduated from Nova Scotia’s college of Art & Design where I studied mainly print making. Print making was really tough and cold and a very [masculine heavy environment] and a very competitive atmosphere. On a whim, I took a weaving class. My mom had a friend when I was growing up who was a weaver, and it was always mystical and magical whenever we went to her place; there was always these warm and cuddly things hanging around, with weird contraptions and piles of wool,” says Poskitt.

“It was love at first sight. It was the opposite of print making, it was very open and welcoming and exploratory without being judgy. And also that craft connection instead of being just art. That was very refreshing for me.”

weaving 101

What’s included in the Weaving 101 workshop? The three hour class includes a handmade loom, lots of yarn to work with in different textures and colours, a booklet that follows the steps of the class, the necessary tools and, of course, your weaving project to bring home. A list of resources and where to get supplies afterwards is also included so you can continue your piece and future pieces at home.

Who hosts the workshops? All Vancouver workshops take place at Studio 126 in Chinatown.

What’s the damage? Workshops are priced around $160.

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 “I come to this with a lot of experience, so I definitely have a technical training in weaving. I like to set people up with the skills to continue weaving starting the right way off. I think the difference with my workshops, and other workshops out there, is that you are definitely there to learn the skills instead of being there to learn to make the thing you saw on Pinterest,” explains Poskitt.

“When people come to the class, we sit them down and I break it into three lessons, and in between each lesson, you practice and work on the weaving and I am there to help with any questions you ask.”

How do I register for a workshop? You can follow Poskitt on instagram for updates on upcoming workshops, and sign up for her monthly newsletter on the website.

weaving 4
Poskitt’s working hanging in Main Street’s Nineteen Ten. Photo by Jenn Kiel.

“Weaving is such a huge broad world, and I teach one small corner of that skill. It’s amazing that I get to teach people the thing that I love,” she said.

Poskitt’s next Weaving 101 workshop will be on July 14 in Victoria at the Lore General Store.  You can find her work featured at Nineteen 10 until July 16. Sign up for her newsletter to learn about upcoming workshops in Vancouver. 


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Brittany Tiplady is a part-time poet, and a full-time goat cheese enthusiast. She loves the indoors, fast wifi, collecting maps, and a generous glass of red wine.