Odysseo is a soul-feeding pilgrimage of fantasy

By Kristi Alexandra

Literature buffs know Homer’s character of Ulysses in the Odyssey is the personification of all that makes us live. His grand voyage is the well-laid-out metaphor of our curiosity for passion; for being wooed by mermaids, and the fantasy of distant shores.

So it seems only fitting that Odysseo — coming back to Vancouver for the first time in three years — tells the story of a fantastical, soul-feeding pilgrimage that takes the audience from the Mongolian steppes to Monument Valley, from the African savannah to Nordic glaciers, from the Sahara to Easter Island.

Hailed as part-equestrian show, part-concert, part-theatre, Cavalia’s Odysseo is a visual and emotional spectacle that challenges the boundaries of live entertainment.

Featuring 65 horses and 48 riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and musicians, Odysseo is set to be an affair borne of Homerian dreams.

Cavalia’s Odysseo opens this Sunday, January 29 and runs until February 26 under the big white top at Olympic Village. Book your tickets here.