Galentine’s outing: enjoy the 25th Hour

By Kristi Alexandra

If the thought of walking out of a mirror-less changing room only to be met with the stares of other shoppers sounds like the stuff of a Friday the 13th film to you, you’re not alone.

That’s why Gastown’s dutil. Denim has launched the 25th Hour campaign – one that allows busy women and their bests to schedule in a private fitting, complete with beverages, treats and, most of all privacy, in an after-shop-hours session.

“It’s a safe space where you can find the denim that you want without the external pressures of body image, of having a chaotic retail environment. It’s just an enjoyable experience for you,” says Ria Nevada, dutil.’s communications consultant.

The one-hour private fitting takes place from 7 to 8 pm on Wednesdays, after the shop officially closes to the public. The 25th Hour spoils female shoppers in groups of up to five with champagne and personalised consultations.

“We’ve been here for 10 years, and 75 percent of our clientele is men, and that seems crazy considering how much amazing denim there is out there for women,” Nevada reveals.

“Our bodies come in varied shapes and sizes; our bodies change over time. I don’t think many companies are in touch with what feels good and looks great for us [women],” she says.

To book a private session with your gals as a Galentine’s treat, visit the 25th Hour campaign here.

Kristi Alexandra is an unabashed wino and wannabe musician. Her talents include drinking an entire bottle of cabernet sauvignon, singing in the bathtub, and falling asleep.