Indigenous-focused musical doc The Road Forward opens DOXA

By Kristi Alexandra

If you were in public school anytime up until the late oughties, you’d know that education on the indigenous experience was lacking — to say the least.

Documentarian and playwright Marie Clements, incensed to learn more about her own history and share it with the rest of...Read More »

Experiencing former Teen Angst in comedic storytelling show

Photo by Kathryn Mussallem

By Jessie Hannah

If there’s one common thread that connects the human race, aside from love, it’s awkward teen experiences.

We all have at least one memory from our teen years that will pop up just when we think we’re getting the hang of adulting, reminding us...Read More »

Vancouver Verses Festival Spits Fire with Femme4Femme

Photo and story by Alli Hayes

New sounds and syllables were thrown into the balmy air this week in between so many raindrops. April is blazing with music, spoken word, storytelling and poetry slams with the help of this year’s Vancouver Verses Festival, a jackpot and oasis of Canada’s best...Read More »

To.Be.Announced Showcases Local Contemporary Dance

By Brittany Tiplady

Local contemporary dance company To.Be.Announced is showcasing new work with 1/2/3 Edition, April 15 to 16 at the intimate Gold Saucer Studio in Gastown’s iconic Dominion Building

T.B.A produces movement-based work, often in engaging, and intimate venues aiming to provide a spotlight on local contemporary dance. Their mandate is to...Read More »

Finding Form at Vancouver's Shapeshifter Studios

By Alli Hayes

As I walk up to Flakey Studios, an industrial building block painted a gun metal grey, just off the north tip of Commercial Drive, suspense of a new place stirs. The flat fronts of these creative mines give little to the imagination before entering the maze...Read More »

Ann Marie Fleming's Window Horses forays into personal identity

By Kristi Alexandra

Ann Marie Fleming’s latest film, Window Horses: The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming, has all the trappings of a children’s movie: it’s animated, it’s told through the lens of a relatable young woman, it touches on themes of self-discovery. In real life, however, our moments...Read More »

Jackie Dives releases film collection Slow Like a Bruise, Quick Like Hunger

By Brittany Tiplady

Prominent Vancouver photographer Jackie Dives is releasing a retrospective photography show, Slow Like a Bruise, Quick Like Hunger, that showcases youth and growth living with anxiety and depression based on 30 rolls of film collected over a decade

I want people to look at photographs for longer....Read More »

Women in Film Festival showcases femme-powered flicks

By Loose Lips Mag

It’s no coincidence that the Vancouver International Women In Film Festival kicks off on International Women’s Day. Now in its 12th year, the five day festival showcases shorts, features and animation from emerging and established directors from around the globe.

With all events taking place...Read More »

Coastal First Nations Dance Festival fired up for female performances

By Kristi Alexandra

The 10th annual Coastal First Nations Dance Festival is bringing indigenous performers from across Canada and as far as the pacific rim to Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology (MOA) this week.

Organized by the Dancers of Damelahamid, an indigenous dance company based in West Vancouver, the...Read More »

STORYHIVE backs female directors for short film competition

By Kristi Alexandra + Brittany Tiplady
@kristialexandra || @yellowbird888

They may be behind the lens, but STORYHIVE is putting female directors in the spotlight for a first-ever female-directed digital short film competition.

STORYHIVE, a communications branch borne out of TELUS, is a community-powered funding program for emerging content creators...Read More »

Galentine's outing: enjoy the 25th Hour

By Kristi Alexandra

If the thought of walking out of a mirror-less changing room only to be met with the stares of other shoppers sounds like the stuff of a Friday the 13th film to you, you’re not alone.

That’s why Gastown’s dutil. Denim has launched the 25th...Read More »

Relationship with food on trial in Eating Matters

By Claire Matthews

Caitlin Press delivers another must-read collection of poetry, this time by poet and teacher Kara-lee MacDonald, called Eating Matters. These poems, divided into four parts, investigate the narrator’s relationship with food and the various ways her eating habits have defined her living experience.

What struck me...Read More »

Odysseo is a unified utopia

By Kristi Alexandra

Given Canada’s tragic start to the week, it seems we could use a reminder about unity. From the get-go, Odysseo is just that.

Kicking off with a touching statement by artistic director Normand LaTourelle about how the cast of 48 comes together despite national and language differences,...Read More »

Odysseo is a soul-feeding pilgrimage of fantasy

By Kristi Alexandra

Literature buffs know Homer’s character of Ulysses in the Odyssey is the personification of all that makes us live. His grand voyage is the well-laid-out metaphor of our curiosity for passion; for being wooed by mermaids, and the fantasy of distant shores.

So it seems only fitting...Read More »

Event buzz: Bracelets for Botshabelo

By Brittany Tiplady

Community for a Sustainable World, a local non-profit organization, is hosting a Family Day event in efforts to raise proceeds and make bracelets for the Botshabelo Community Development Project and the members of the community.

Last summer, CSW made their inaugural trip to South Africa to begin their...Read More »

Women's March Vancouver: Breaking in the protest newbie

Photos and writing by Andrea Loewen
Is it just me, or did every single person go to the Women’s March? Well, okay, it may actually be the lovely Facebook bubble I live in full of people who care about the world, but still. This wasn’t just my circle...Read More »

Womxn's March Seattle: Solidarity is a Start

Photos by Stephanie Lamy (@slamy_photo)

By Chloë Lai

As a child, I was fascinated by the stories of America in the ’60s and ’70s. I dreamed of building a time machine. Of being there for it all: the Beatles, anti-war protests, the Civil Rights Movement. When I...Read More »

Women's March Vancouver: Our Favourite Feminist Signs


By Sarah Foot

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know all about Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington. In Vancouver, we had a walk of our own that brought out people of all genders, abilities, and races to join in...Read More »

New West Spotlight: Girls Night Out

By Brittany Tiplady

If braving public transit, especially during Vancouver’s unusual cold snap, doesn’t appeal to you, or, if you are a New West local wanting to plan your next Girls Night Out closer to home, browse our curated list of GNO locales.

El Santo

Let’s face it: tacos are life. Read More »

Skill Set: New West Workshops

By Kristi Alexandra

As the old adage goes, you should keep three hobbies in life: one to make you money, one to keep you fit, and one to keep you creative. In New Westminster, there’s no shortage of all that. With workshops often held at Old Crow Coffee...Read More »

Lagree West x Nourished by Alyssa: 30 day challenge

Feature photo by Britney Gill

By Brittany Tiplady

I rarely read fitness or health blogs because I always find them to be so false, sponsored, and unattainable.

But, for the month of November I committed to 30 days of Lagree paired with nutritional advice from Alyssa Bauman of...Read More »

Gastown's Good Spirit awakens with new age workshops

By Kristi Alexandra

When stepping into Gastown’s Good Spirit shop, a sense of calm and airy-lightness is palpable. The wide windows of the Cambie Street boutique lend to the ambiance of openness, juxtaposed by the metaphysical, self-exploratory curios the shop has to offer.

Shelves are stocked with crystals, tarot...Read More »

Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl 2016 in review

The Eastside Culture Crawl is one of our favourite times of the year. So much so, we thought we would cover it before and after

Photos and writing by Jessie Hannah

Over 500 artists opened their studios over four days allowing art lovers to venture at their own pace. Read More »

Five Things to check out during the Eastside Culture Crawl

By Loose Lips Mag

Vancouver’s annual Eastside Culture Crawl kicks off its 20th year today, showcasing local artists, designers and crafters in a four-day open-door festival.

For two decades, the festival has been a self-led walking tour that spans the neighbourhoods between Columbia Street, First Avenue, Victoria Drive and the...Read More »

Young Women in Business Conference fosters inclusive community for women

Young Women in Business’ biggest conference, Lead Through Action, is back to share insights, create new skills and foster a community for women in all fields

By Hilary Strath

I’ve been a “professional” now for six years, but I’m always keen on expanding my skill set and building on my portfolio....Read More »

Eastside Flea Powered by a Female Force

By Alli Hayes

“This needed to happen”, Jill Whitford beams about the arrival of a permanent space for the Eastside Flea. It’s something that her and friend/business partner Linda Ounapuu created for the East Van community.

We cozily lounge in their office within the century old Ellis building on Main...Read More »

Writer Reut Amit talks power at TEDxWomenGastown

By Kristi Alexandra

Personal power will be on the pedestal for the sophomore TEDxGastownWomen conference taking place this Saturday, Oct. 29. Held at The Imperial, the day-long symposium — an independently organized spin off of TED Talks — promises to feature 12 influential local ladies exploring and...Read More »

WE Online summit helps women entrepreneurs thrive

Pilot Programs, Kickstarter and Communities are Some of the Tactics Women are Using to Grow Major Online Businesses
By Loose Lips Mag
Women are growing strong communities to grow strong businesses online. The support of these communities makes building global, six-figure businesses online with little or no upfront capital, while...Read More »

5 Reasons To Get Out During VIFF

By Kristi Alexandra

Every Tuesday, I plan to catch a half-price flick. I check my Flixster app to see what’s playing at the movies, but I don’t always make my way to the theatre doors. A client messages me for a last minute press release, I get revisions from...Read More »

Fashion meets feminism in Vancouver-authored book

By Kristi Alexandra

Who says fashion can’t be feminist? None of the ladies featured in Vancouver author Jennifer Croll’s latest release, Bad Girls of Fashion: Style Rebels From Cleopatra to Lady Gagathat’s for sure.

Croll’s book, released by Annick Press on Sept. 13, is punctuated by the fun-loving illustrations of...Read More »

Vancouver's Zaleska brings good vibes to local shelves

By Alli Hayes

“It’s all a giant experiment,” lights up Sylvia Tennant, co-founder of Zaleska jewellery, as we get cozy with cups of tea in her bright, West Side apartment. Shades of white, gold, and turquoise play with my eyes through the afternoon sunlight.

As I take it all...Read More »

Vancouver Mural Festival at a glance: Women in street art

The Vancouver Mural Festival’s female panelists at the Fox Cabaret. (Left to right: Moderator KASHINK, Alli Bruce, Ola Volo, and Indigo). Photo by Alli Hayes.

Loose Lips archives the top quotes spoken at Vancouver’s Mural Festival panel by the token female street artists

By Alli Hayes

Did you miss the Vancouver Mural Festival...Read More »

Anti-harassment message boomed through Bass Coast


By Alli Hayes

Loose Lips caught up with Stacey Forrester during Bass Coast to talk about the use of the Sanctuary and the Harm Reduction Series-a foundational component to the weekend-long festival.

Stacey, it’s very refreshing to participate in a music festival that takes pride in implementing a Harm Reduction...Read More »

10 Babes of Bass Coast

By Alli Hayes

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The weekend has come and gone. Four days of wild weather, tickle trunks cracked open (this year’s theme was GOLD) exploding all over your tent floor, so many friends and, of course,...Read More »

Skill set: Weaving 101 with Lucy Poskitt

Photo by Joey Armstrong

By Brittany Tiplady

The workshop culture threading its way through Vancouver is growing in strides with creative types around the city opening up their skill sets to the public.

Textile artist Lucy Poskitt is offering Weaving 101 workshops in Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary that give new weavers the...Read More »

Comedienne Jen Kirkman brings laughs to Vancouver

Stand-up comedian Jen Kirkman talks faux fur, the humour in reality and being young women’s “spirit animal”

By Alli Hayes

Known for her wry wit on Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea Lately talk show and her uncanny ability to recall high school social studies lessons while intoxicated on Drunk History,...Read More »

All-ladies organization 'debugs' gender gap with CODE documentary

By Jessie Hannah


We’re a generation raised on The Jetsons: a cartoon world permeated with technology. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, the Jetsons’ world seemed like the distant future and, yet, that is our world today.

Every day there is a new application, software or social platform....Read More »

Vancouver based anthology celebrates boobs

By Claire Matthews

Breasts, boobs, cans, knockers, bazookas, tits: call them what you want, but about half of us have them. Admittedly, I had to do a Google search of “euphemisms for breasts” and was surprised by how colourful some of the nicknames were and also how violent....Read More »

Program 3 a memorable finale to Ballet BC anniversary season

Scott Fowler, Kirsten Wicklund, and the artists of Ballet BC in Bill. Photo by Chris Randle. 

By Brittany Tipady

Ballet BC is closing their 30th anniversary season with a lineup of forward, evocative and chilling choreography. Each piece on the lineup presents a dynamic pallet of challenging work, complimented by...Read More »

Comedy Show by Rape Survivors Finds Humour in Healing

Rape is Real and Everywhere: A Comedy by Survivors brings healing and hilarity through a cross-country tour

By Jessie Hannah

Six months ago at an East Vancouver bar, two female comedians were having a beer and talking about private matters: their own rapes. These conversations happen mostly off the record....Read More »

Ballet BC closes 30th anniversary season with Program 3

Artists of Ballet BC in Emily Molnar’s 16 + a room. Photo by Michael Slobodian

By Brittany Tiplady

Ballet BC is capping off their sensational 30th Anniversary season with Program 3, opening this Thursday, May 12.

The third instalment of the season presents much anticipated work by the company’s own artistic...Read More »

Eastwood Cycle is a sanctuary for mind, body & soul

Well-loved spin studio set to open its second location on the North Shore

By Kristi Alexandra

Where the thought of taking a spin class can evoke images of tacky ‘80s neon workout gear and retro dance music, Vancouver’s Eastwood Cycle has turned stationary cycle culture on its head.

Moroccan décor...Read More »

Tons of feminist fare on offer at DOXA 2016

Women-centric and female directed films take hold at annual film festival in Vancouver

By Kristi Alexandra

Maya Angelou, all-ladies basketball teams, pioneering burlesque dancers and the women of underground ’90s hip-hop take the screen at this year’s DOXA festival, which kicks off on Thursday, May 5.

Presented by The Documentary Media...Read More »

'Amsterdam' has a big takeaway for small cast

Original independent play ‘Amsterdam’ is a women’s coming-of-age manifesto

By Kat Karpoff

Dan McPeake makes his playwright debut exploring existential themes in Amsterdam, a one-act play now showing at Douglas College.

The age-old questions Who am I? and What is time? are taken on head...Read More »

'Just Leap' speaker series empowers women in the workforce

Networking and philanthropy take centre stage at all-ladypreneur panel at Hootsuite, proceeds go to Dress For Success – an organization empowering women back into the workforce

Loose Lips Magazine Staff

YES! Vancouver, an organization aimed at empowering women into the workforce through Dress for Success, will be hosting a panel...Read More »

Vancouver celebrates a decade with Eco Fashion Week

A city that’s still defining its fashion identity needs an Eco Fashion Week, founder Myriam Laroche says

By Laura Collins

Now in its 10th year, Eco Fashion Week returns to Vancouver with new designers, collections and speakers for its 2016 season.

Kicking off on April 9, Eco Fashion Week is set...Read More »

Forest and the Femme connects DTES women to nature

Jaime Adams spearheads initiative to reconnect marginalized women to the outdoors

By Kristi Alexandra

For many Vancouver city dwellers, a trip to reconvene with nature — get out to a cabin, swim in a lake, or ride a horse — is just a drive, bus, or ferry ride away. For...Read More »

Hollaback! Vancouver puts anti-street harassment on the map

Stacey Forrester is making strides for Vancouverites, while acting as an inspiring leader along the way

By Marissa Del Mistro

Exasperated women are constantly navigating the streets like an untrustworthy tightrope. One foot in front of the other, balancing the rational fear of being subjected to unwelcome attention while...Read More »

Queers & Beers Crafts a Sense of Community in Vancouver

Local pub event creates safe spaces for a spectrum of experiences

By Katy Cobb

Spending blissfully tipsy Sunday afternoons wandering between the breweries of Yeast Van sipping craft beer samples has become an indispensable local pastime, but not everyone feels totally comfortable in these brewery spaces.

“There’s a real need for queer pub...Read More »

THRIVE studio creates community for Vancouver artists

By Alli Hayes

Jamie Smith opens the door to THRIVE art studio, revealing its oak wood floors, succulents resting cozily between artwork and paintbrushes, and bright windows that overlook the buzzing heart of Mount Pleasant. After walking into the serene setting of THRIVE, it’s no shock that...Read More »

Rempel: Vancouver's Queen of Coiffure

By Aleksandra Golubovic

Maybe it’s her name, or her hair, or the indelible impression she makes on people, but ever since her teens, wherever she went, people would recognize Rempel.

It was as if she was mildly famous for no clear reason. But a couple of years after she...Read More »

Capilano Tea House Quenches The Political Palate

By Loose Lips Magazine

Michelle and Paisley Nahanee have created a modern-day platform for Indigenous businesses in Vancouver.

The Capilano Tea House and Botanical Soda Company opened its doors on Friday, Feb. 19, introducing the public to its plant-inspired beverages infused with Indigenous history and the global palate.

The mother-daughter...Read More »

Women's Memorial Marches On For Valentine's Day

photo courtesy of Jen Castro on Flickr

By Kristi Alexandra

For most, February 14th marks a day of gift-giving, overpriced roses, and anxiety about an upcoming date-or lack thereof. For the past 26 years, the date has held quite a different significance for those living on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

The...Read More »

Anticipated moments in 2016

Loose Lips Magazine’s most anticipated moments in 2016, for GIRLS to women

By Loose Lips Mag

Marnie’s wedding, shared by Allison Williams (@aw) on Instagram.

HBO recently announced that Girls season 5 would premiere on Feb. 21, 2016 at 10 p.m. We can NOT wait to...Read More »

Socializing on the mat

By Brittany Tiplady

Living in Vancouver, it’s almost mandatory to tell people that you practice yoga on the regular. But how many of us don’t enjoy balancing in crow pose as much as we let on?

Well, Anita Cheung has found the secret to making yoga fun.

The Social Yoga...Read More »

Girl Jam is Vancouver's newest all-female improv series

By Kat Karpoff

Every Wednesday evening in November and part of December, Girl Jam, an all-female improv series, got wild at Granville Island’s Improv Centre. Comprised of some of the best female improvisers in the city, the show is the brainchild of the Vancouver Read More »

Ballet BC's opening trio teases evocative season

Dancers Gilbert Small, Scott Fowler & Alexis Fletcher in Twenty Eight Thousand Waves. Choreography by Cayetano Soto.

Photo by Michael Slobodian.

By Brittany Tiplady

Artistic Director Emily Molnar stood eloquently in first position on the Queen Elizabeth stage on Thursday night, dressed in a black silk dress, her pixie cut hair...Read More »

Ballet BC kicks off 30th Anniversary in November

brittany photo

Ballet BC Dancers in Twenty Eight Thousand Waves, Racheal Prince and Darren Devaney. Photo by Michael Slobodian

By Brittany Tiplady

Emily Molnar believes in taking risks.

Since taking the reign as Ballet BC’s artistic director in 2009, Molnar has driven the company with motivation for change, and innovation.

This year is...Read More »

Finding the Lost Souls of Gastown

By Abby Wiseman

It’s 8 o’clock on a Thursday and a group of 20 people form a circle in a dark square across from the Holy Rosary Cathedral. They all face inwards at their leader, a young woman wearing Victorian era clothing. This is not a cult, this...Read More »

Young and Female in Vancouver: Rent Cheque


Earning your Rent Cheque at the Astoria’s amateur strip night

By Abby Wiseman

Two young women come up to the small stage, facing a packed house at the Astoria. They’re up to compete. One grabs the microphone, lies on her stomach with legs flipped up behind her, one...Read More »

The Darlings Cabaret gets risque in Gastown


Bold, Beautiful and Bawdier Than Burlesque

By Brittany Tiplady

When most think of cabaret, what comes to mind are feather boas, sequins and Moulin Rouge, but the bold and beautiful Darlings Cabaret group is bringing something much more unique to Vancouver.

For the Darlings, the entire venue...Read More »

#Bossy: Erika Rekis

Erika Rekis picks out fabrics at the Lululemon Lab. (Photo: Laura Scotten)

Erika Rekis: Designer of Women’s Wear at Lululemon Lab

By Abby Wiseman

The photoshoot was not going to plan. It was supposed to be about clean lines and wild backgrounds with models dressed in Lululemon Lab clothing, all shot in front of a white sheet on...Read More »

Femmes of the Fringe

Elizabeth Richardson writes and stars in Going On, a one-woman show featured at this year's Fringe Fest.

Contributor Kat Karpoff goes on a tasting tour of the Vancouver Fringe Festival, picking highlights of fest with a female lens. Here are her reviews.

By Kat Karpoff

Lots goes on in ‘Going On’
One-woman show at Fringe Fest Enlightens Audiences with Humour and Insight

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