Where-to guide: Vancouver’s Gender Neutral Bathrooms

A guide on where to find gender neutral bathrooms in Vancouver

By Marissa Del Mistro

Can you imagine a seemingly simple task, such as using a toilet in a public space igniting fear, stress, humiliation and harassment? For many individuals this a daily reality.

“Gender neutral” bathrooms are typically a private, lock-able toilet available to people of all gender and sexes. Gender neutral washrooms are also a safe and private amenity for transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming individuals, families with children and people with disabilities who may need washroom assistance. Having these facilities allows the basic biological human right to relieve oneself become accessible to the public.

Loose Lips created a map that highlights the safe spaces around Vancouver that offer gender neutral facilities. The option to avoid sex-segregated public bathrooms can lead to less harassment, more inclusiveness and a level of necessary comfort.

The vision is to see this map completely filled. If you know of a location that isn’t on this map, please comment below. We can all benefit from a more inclusive city.



Marissa is guacamole’s #1 fan. She is a wannabe skateboarder, aspiring children’s book author, and the future wife of Matt Corby.