Resistance Roundup: Volume Ten

“It means a great deal to those who are oppressed to know that they are not alone. Never let anyone tell you that what you are doing is insignificant.” – Desomond Tutu Photo: Keith Allison. CC.

By Andrea Loewen

This Month’s Action:

Do SOMETHING to support net neutrality. Here is a list of all the things you can do, it ranges from filing a complaint with the FCC to calling your representative (they know your voice by now, right?)

If you are not American, then you can still email the FCC leadership, listed in the link above, (maybe don’t lead with your non-American status), and of course, contact your own representatives and let them know that you are concerned.

This Month’s Reading:

WTF List (Keeping Up With the News):

What the Fuck Just Happened Today: Still the best place for daily updates on the declarations, bills, and other actions made by the Whitehouse.

Everything We Learned About Russian Election Interference From Facebook, Twitter, and Google: An excellent breakdown of the influence of social media ads on the election.

White House Approves Federal Report That Pins Climate Change on Human Activity: Say wha?!? The report got leaked early just in case the Trump administration tried to suppress it.

Yes, Trump Just Made a Pocahontas Joke to Navajo Code Talkers: We shouldn’t be surprised, and yet, it always seems worse than expected.

Action Inspo and Instructionals:

Let these alternate guides and examples of resistance inspire you!

Feminasty: A sweet podcast series on being a nasty woman.

These Cities Are Providing Free Legal Representation to Residents Facing Deportation: The list includes Atlanta, Chicago, and Sacramento.

What is the Political Responsibility of the Artist?: Do artists have a responsibility to take sides or to reflect something greater?

Analysis, Opinion, and Enrichment:

These will help you better understand how what’s feeding the madness and expose you to perspectives different from your own (regardless of their direct connection to Trump’s madness).

Trump’s “Proud’ of Starting ‘This Whole Fake News Thing’: He also apparently doesn’t really like tweeting, but feels obligated to get the truth out.

It’s Not Just You: Americans Are Terrified About the Future: and it’s messing with all of our mental health.

Texas: Is Domestic Violence a Common Thread in Mass Shootings?: Yes, yes it is.

Sarah Kendzior on the ‘Oligarch Envy’ Haunting President Trump: A fascinating video interview delving into Trump’s love affair with Russia.

Russian Bots and Trolls: Samantha Bee on how Russia set America against itself to undermine the EU and NATO.

The End of Net Neutrality Could Be Good for Marketers – And Bad for Everyone Else: It’s not a surprise, but it’s worth seeing it all laid bare.

Andrea is a Vancouver-based writer, theatre producer and promoter, choreographer, and yoga instructor with a big dose of love for sci fi/fantasy, her cat, green tea, riding her bike no matter the weather, and using a robot to vacuum her floors so she doesn’t have to.  She covers dance for Vancouver Presents, as well as writing for her own blog, The Receptionist and co-producing and co-hosting the podcast Life, Right?