Resistance Roundup: Volume Five

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker

By Andrea Loewen

This Month’s Action:

It’s time to #GrabYourWallet in a real way! This regime is all about money, so hit them where it hurts. Here is a #GrabYourWallet Action Guide that includes advice for how to talk to companies that stock Trump’s products (because it helps to let them know what you’re doing).

This Month’s Reading:

WTF List (Keeping Up With the News):

What the Fuck Just Happened Today: Still the best place for daily updates on the declarations, bills, and other actions made by the Whitehouse.

Comey Reveals Source of Memo Leak, Holds Back on Dossier: Did you miss the Comey congressional trial?

Revised Trump Travel Ban Now in Effect and Here is a Quick Guide to Who is Banned: It’s happening, guys.

Trump Sells Qatar $12 Billion of U.S. Weapons Days After Accusing it of Funding Terrorism: Because he only does things that “make sense.”

Action Inspo and Instructionals:

Let these alternate guides and examples of resistance inspire you!

Hawaii Defies Trump and Becomes First State to Legally Support Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Here’s how one state is standing up for the climate. (Oh! And here’s a Republican Mayor who’s moving forward on green energy.)

The Best Ways to Make Your Voice Heard About the New Health Care Bill: The best people to get on the phone.

The Resilience of Pride in a Trump Era: How the Pride community is combining celebration with action.

Artists Stage Protest Performances in Trump Tower: Some rapid-response art protesting the proposed cuts to the NEA.

Analysis, Opinion, and Enrichment:

These will help you better understand how what’s feeding the madness and expose you to perspectives different from your own (regardless of their direct connection to Trump’s madness).

How to Follow Trump’s Tweets Without Following Trump: In case you want to keep up to date with the madness without adding to his numbers.

Germany is Ushering in a Post-America World: Or is Trump simply rushing the decline of American global influence?

The End of Gay Rights: How will a Trump Supreme Court be able to overturn precedent and roll back gay rights?

Trump Has a Coat of Arms, and it’s a Copy: Just something to feel good about.

Why Data Science Argues Against a Muslim Ban: Just in case you have to talk to someone who thinks it’s “logical” to ban people.

Women Need a Rosy Outlook? Then Give us a Reason to be Optimistic: Apparently some thing women just need to be more optimistic. Here’s why that’s hard these days.

LOL Klans: A scholar of the Ku Klux Klan explains how the KKK used the same trolling tactics as the alt-right.


Andrea is a Vancouver-based writer, theatre producer and promoter, choreographer, and yoga instructor with a big dose of love for sci fi/fantasy, her cat, green tea, riding her bike no matter the weather, and using a robot to vacuum her floors so she doesn’t have to.  She covers dance for Vancouver Presents, as well as writing for her own blog, The Receptionist and co-producing and co-hosting the podcast Life, Right?