Resistance Roundup: Volume Eight

By Andrea Loewen

“The likelihood that your acts of resistance cannot stop the injustice does not exempt you from acting in what you sincerely and reflectively hold to be the best interests of your community.”

― Susan Sontag

A monthly round up of Resistance Research, including quotes, news, analysis, inspiration, and action items. Let’s break this regime down into actionable items and take it down, bit by bit!


This Month’s Action:

This month may not have been nearly as dramatic as last month, but a lot is happening. The Russia inquiry keeps digging, Obamacare might actually be safe, white supremacy is still being protected, and undocumented immigrants keep being attacked in new and creative ways.

If you’re American, get plugged in to your local Indivisible Group. They will keep you abreast of both local and national issues and practical things you can do to help.

If you’re not American, do something to publicly and privately show you don’t stand with white supremacy: post an article in support of NFL players who have taken a knee or an article that clearly identifies the white supremacy in your own country and mentally rehearse how you might point out racist language in conversation.

This Month’s Reading:

WTF List (Keeping Up With the News):

What the Fuck Just Happened Today: Still the best place for daily updates on the declarations, bills, and other actions made by the Whitehouse.

Trumpcare is Dead Again, Maybe: Obamacare is sort of, almost, basically safe for now.

Why Did Jared Kushner Download an Encrypted, Disappearing Messaging App?: Because, you know, it’s not like he has anything to hide.

Trump Jr. Says He Wanted Russian Dirt to Determine Clinton’s ‘Fitness’ For Office: He’s finally realized he needs a lawyer in this.

Trump and DeVos Are Planning a Historic Rollback on Discrimination Law: One of the next things we need to be scared about.

Everything We Know About How Facebook Helped Trump Win: A Timeline: It might make you want to leave Facebook.

Action Inspo and Instructionals:

Let these alternate guides and examples of resistance inspire you!

The Wake Up: Sally Rumble has been educating herself on racial justice for eight years, and now she’s created a newsletter full of what she has learned (and is still learning). This one’s geared towards white people who want help waking up.

Books to Help Kids Understand the Fight for Racial Equality: If you or a friend has kids, here’s some suggested reading.

Invisible No More: A history of violence against women of colour.

Freezing and Smashing Trump’s Words in a Glassblowing Studio: Isn’t art fun?

Here to Stay: 14 things to read as you stand by undocumented immigrants.

Can Yelling Stop Trump?: A video about the Indivisible Group and how their tactic could work.

Analysis, Opinion, and Enrichment:

These will help you better understand how what’s feeding the madness and expose you to perspectives different from your own (regardless of their direct connection to Trump’s madness).

The Number of Americans Who Believe Racism is a ‘Big Problem’ Has Doubled:So at least there’s that.

Donald Trump: Humilator-in-Chief: Is Trump’s greatest skill making fun of people?

Robert E. Lee’s Family Just Gave an Unexpected Response to Trump’s Charlottesville Controversy: Even his descendants are not cool with what’s been happening in his name.

What We Can Learn From People Who Have Left White Supremacist Groups: As white supremacy grows more blatant, we have former insiders to help us.

Neo-Nazis Are Taking Genetic Tests and Are Deeply Upset by the Result: I don’t usually advocate for taking glee from someone’s sadness, but…

A Native American Activist Speaks Candidly About What it’s Like: Faith Spotted Eagle has been resisting for most of her 68 years. She has some wisdom to share.


Andrea is a Vancouver-based writer, theatre producer and promoter, choreographer, and yoga instructor with a big dose of love for sci fi/fantasy, her cat, green tea, riding her bike no matter the weather, and using a robot to vacuum her floors so she doesn’t have to.  She covers dance for Vancouver Presents, as well as writing for her own blog, The Receptionist and co-producing and co-hosting the podcast Life, Right?