Resistance Roundup Volume: 12

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.”
-Angela Davis

By Andrea Loewen

This Month’s Action:

It’s the one year anniversary of the Resistance Roundup! Let’s take a moment to celebrate one year of standing up for what’s right before we think too much about the things we’ve been forced to stand up to this past month, let alone the past year… (shithole countries, shutdowns, more investigations… SIGH.)

This month’s action focuses on the Dreamers! Visit Indivisible to learn some facts about how Dreamers contribute to America, and then, if you are American, call your Member of Congress (they’ve got the phone number if it’s not already on your speed dial).

This Month’s Reading:

WTF List (Keeping Up With the News):

What the Fuck Just Happened Today: A daily update on what those Whitehouse folks got up to. The best place to make sure you are up-to-date on what’s actually happening.

For Native Americans, ‘A Historic Moment’ on the Path to Power at the Ballot Box: From gerrymandering to voter identification laws, things are changing for Native Americans all over the country.

Trump Now Wants the Department of Homeland Security to Pursue Voter Fraud: After dismantling the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

Trump Wants to Open Nearly All US Offshore Waters to Drilling: Protect your coasts!

Action Inspo and Instructionals:

Let these alternate guides and examples of resistance inspire you!

Hate to Break it To You, But Net Neutrality Has Not Been Saved: There’s still a lot to do.

He Came Face to Face With ICE and Stopped an Arrest: LOVE this story about a landlord who knew the law and the rights of his tenants.

Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network: A network of immigrant and refugee rights organizations with a hotline.

Firsts: Women Who Are Changing the World: It’s a little exhausting to realize how many “firsts” are still out there for women, but still an inspiring list of women who are taking on the world, one field at a time.

The Other Women’s March on Washington: Hint: they are marching their way into office.

Analysis, Opinion, and Enrichment:

These will help you better understand how what’s feeding the madness and expose you to perspectives different from your own (regardless of their direct connection to Trump’s madness).

Researchers Have Tested Ways to Reduce Collective Blaming of Muslims for Extremism: It’s as simple as drawing a direct comparison to extremists from their own belief systems.

Trump Voters on Trump: They aren’t all blindly supportive of him, but many would still vote for him.

No One is Coming to Save Us from Trump’s Racism: Roxanne Gay knows what’s up. As usual.

The Women’s March Needs to Address More Than Just Trump: He might incite us to come together, but women have a lot more to face than just him.

5 Things Trump’s Attempted Firing of Mueller Teaches Us: Not only is it, apparently, impeachable, but it tells us a few things about him as a person.


Andrea is a Vancouver-based writer, theatre producer and promoter, choreographer, and yoga instructor with a big dose of love for sci fi/fantasy, her cat, green tea, riding her bike no matter the weather, and using a robot to vacuum her floors so she doesn’t have to.  She covers dance for Vancouver Presents, as well as writing for her own blog, The Receptionist and co-producing and co-hosting the podcast Life, Right?