Horoscopes: December

Illustration by @kyinskies


By Andi Astre


In December, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all join Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn has been slowly transiting Sag for the past two years, showing us consequences and lessons, and instilling a sense of responsibility and commitment with regards to belief, worldview, higher learning, and the intuition. With Mercury retrograding through this same area in December, we’re given a chance to review this past two years of learning. The Gemini Full Moon on the 3rd encourages us to balance logic and rationality with intuition and experiential truth. The New Moon on the 18th sets the tone for moving forward on our newfound commitments to expanding the mind.


This month, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all congregate in your ninth house of long distance travel, education, beliefs, the higher mind, intuition. With Mercury retrograding here, look back to what you’ve learned in the past two years with Saturn bringing hard won lessons and discipline. Go back over your old notes, think back to trips you’ve taken. These reflections may contribute to a new commitment in this area that you will feel more prepared to make by the end of the month.


You may feel a bit of a dip in your energy this month as there is a planetary emphasis in your eighth house of inner transformation and renewal. Take this opportunity to go within, examine your shadow, forgive what needs forgiving, alchemically transmute your pain into power. This area is also associated with intimacy and the sharing of space and resources. By the end of the month, you may feel prepared to commit to greater intimacy or to your own transformation.


Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and the Sun all line up in your seventh house of partnerships this month. With your ruling planet, Mercury, moving backwards in this area, this is an opportune time to reflect on past relationships. What have you learned from your relationships, even the ones that may appear to have failed? How have they brought you here? By the end of the month you’ll likely feel ready to move forward in this area.


The preponderance of planetary energy this month is within your sixth house of work, health, daily routine, and service. This is the area in which Saturn has been instilling a sense of discipline and commitment. What have you learned about these areas of your life over the past two years? Perhaps you have a new sense of commitment to the way in which you serve others, or a better sense of how to organize your day so you can do what needs to be done with flow and ease. Set your intentions come the end of the month after a period of reflection.


This month, the focus for you is in your fifth house of creative self expression, play, and pleasure. With Saturn in this area for the past two years, it’s possible you’ve felt some blockages or a heaviness with regards to your ability to express yourself. What has Saturn been showing you? Is it possible to merge a sense of responsibility and commitment with your playfulness and creativity? By the end of the month, you may feel prepared to renew your commitment to a creative practice or to consistently, with discipline, bringing an aura of play to all you do.


Saturn, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus all line up in your fourth house of the home and roots. Reflect on your early childhood and how it has shaped who you are now. This is also a potent time for you to connect to your heritage and your ancestry. Your ancestors are always offering you support and guidance. Can you feel it? Can you receive it? If you can’t, this month you may just discover how. By the end of the month, bring your attention to your current homelife.


This month, the focus is on your communication. Do others receive the messages you intend to relay? Are your words sometimes misinterpreted? Consider your communications and miscommunications over the past two years to clarify how you can express yourself more clearly and compassionately. Consider also how your beliefs and assumptions shape what you say (or don’t say) and how you say it.


With a preponderance of planets in your second house of values and wealth, and Mercury retrograding through this area, reflect on the past two years and how your income, your self-worth, and sense of abundance has changed. Considering how far we’ve come and what we’ve learned helps prepare the way to move forward. Money is one symbol of abundance and value, but what are some others? Expand your meaning of wealth beyond the monetary. Appreciate who you are and what you have now to instill a sense of abundance and invite in more.


Saturn’s transit through your sign is nearly over. Take the first half of December to consider what Saturn has taught you. What have you learned about commitment, consequences, discipline, and responsibility? Who are you, what’s important to you? By mid-month, turn your gaze to the present and the future. Where do you want to put your commitment now, and moving forward? What is your long term plan?


Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Saturn all activate your twelfth house the unconscious mind during December. This is an opportunity to bring awareness to aspects of yourself that have been unconscious. We often push aspects of ourselves that we dislike or are ashamed of into the unconscious, so if you are learning things about yourself you don’t like, harness the courage to face what you see and learn to accept and love yourself as you are. Doing so will bring you healing and greater wholeness.


The emphasis this month is in your eleventh house of community, networks, groups, and organizations. With Mercury retrograde in this area, there is an opportunity to look back over how this area of your life has evolved in the past two years. Do the groups and communities you belong to support you? Do the people you connect with SEE you? Do they help you to fulfill your promise and achieve your dreams? By the last week of the month, consider your dreams and intentions for this area of your life.


In December, the focus is in your tenth house of career and public role. Reflect on how this area of your life has evolved in the past two years. Is the trajectory in line with your soul’s calling? What can you learn from the past that will help you to move forward, to more fully embody your divine calling? Come the end of the month, envision your desires with regards to career.

Andi Astre is an astrologer, writer, and yoga teacher based in Vancouver BC. Her offerings include private readings, event readings, workshops, and yoga classes. She’s passionate about using yoga as a tool to understand astrology in a deeper, more embodied way. Currently she’s studying Evolutionary Astrology in the tradition of Jeffrey Wolf Green. For more information, see her website,www.mysticsandwich.com/.