2016 Feminist Halloween Costume Round up

By Nicole Gaudet

Since Halloween is just around the coroner (get it), there’s a good chance you are undecided on a costume and at the last minute might settle on dressing up as a Sexy Nurse.

Don’t fear! Or do, it’s Halloween I guess. We have some feminist friendly, and warm, costume ideas.

#1-Furiosa from Mad Max
All you need to do is forget to take your eye makeup off before you shower, roll in some dirt, and shave your head. No big!


#2 – Eleven from Stranger Things
Dressing up as Eleven is so easy even this baby did it. You just need some waffles, a bloody nose, a creepy pink dress and voila. You now have a reason to give people one word answers all day long. Finally.eleven

#3-Harley Quinn
This costume will definitely make use of all your old clothes from your pre-teen scene kid phase, don’t act like you don’t still have them.


For you and your #squadgoal needs.



#5 – Rey from Star Wars
Duh! You just run around making light saber sounds *nyoom nyoom* and wrap yourself in a curtain 45 times. Those triple buns are fun, too. This costume is also great for people who don’t want to watch a makeup tutorial.


#6 – Beyonce & Nicki Minaj
Screw couple costumes – this one’s for you and your BFF. Who doesn’t want to be Slayonce and Queen Nicki?


#7 – Wednesday Addams
We all have enough black clothing in our closets to pull this off without a whole lot of shopping needing to be done. Let’s be real.  


#8 – Spinelli from Recess
Toques, combat boots, and a leather jacket? Spinelli is actually quite the fall look.


#9 – Leeloo Dallas, Fifth Element
Don’t forget your multipass and to mention chicken a lot.



#10 – Taco Belle
Need I say more?







Nicole Gaudet is an alien obsessed, witch cackling weirdo. Her one rule of being friends  with her is to pay attention to every dog she points out to you. Yes, she is quite aware it gets annoying. She doesn’t care.