#BOSSY: The Urban Hustle’s Sarah Bernstein

By Loose Lips Mag

Sarah Bernstein is a woman who knows there’s a divide between your passion and banking portfolio. For those of us trying to close the gap with our side hustles and passion projects, Bernstein has created The Urban Hustle, a website in which she features the lives of inspiring, young individuals who are all hustlin’ to make something of themselves. Through her love of media, pop culture, music, and everything the visual realm has to offer, Bernstein has carefully curated a series of interviews with inspiring movers and shakers for us all to marvel at. So we thought we’d turn the tables and interview her.

How did you come up with the idea to begin The Urban Hustle and what was your motivation?

I wanted to create a platform where people hustling all over the world could get some recognition for what they do and love. I had been thinking of ideas for a website for a while and just sat down and got started on the design and layout. I started meeting new people and seeing what they were up to motivated me to get going on the interviews, I wanted to know more. It always inspires me to hear what someone does for their daily hustle. We are all working hard and striving to do what we love and I genuinely enjoy creating questions for interviews and meeting people from all parts of the world whether it be via email, skype or in person. It brings me a lot of joy.


The Urban Hustle is a website/online social media platform to feature interviews of people in various categories of fashion, food, lifestyle, music, art and makeup. It’s been a positive thing for me to focus on and I’ve learned so much, from web design, figuring out technical glitches and what I need to learn so I get a strong interview. I’m just starting out and I want to take this as far as I can in terms of a business, I want The Urban Hustle to emerge with its own brand of clothing and as a go-to social media site for people to gather information of everyday people hustling.


Is this a side hustle at the moment? And what’s your full-time gig?

This is my side hustle at the moment although I know it will turn into something much bigger than it is now. I just finished university with a bachelor of visual arts degree from UBC Okanagan and what I learned there has helped me develop the design and layout of my site. In terms of working? I’m off to South America in the fall so the aim right now is to make money. I landed a great gig as a caregiver for three of the cutest kids I’ve ever met. I’m also learning a lot from them.

Back to the hustle – I read this article on having a side hustle and took away some great advice from it: “Many of the most successful startups started as a side hustle, a project that their founders worked on in their spare time. Even if your side hustle doesn’t achieve runaway success, it is a valuable experience. After all, a side hustle can be an opportunity to work on a personal passion and expand your network while also bringing in a secondary revenue stream.” Paulina Guditch (Forbes, April 2017)

And it’s so true! I can’t wait to see what the future brings for me.

What has the response been to building this site?

I’ve had great response! People have started contacting me wanting to be featured or to collaborate. I’m getting really positive feedback, people tell me that they’ve checked out a recent interview or two and they like what I’m doing. It really helps to hear this. I’m open for a wide variety of features and all kinds of collaborations so if anyone wants to collaborate or be featured/advertise please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m an open book.

What do you look for in your interview subjects?

Each person that I interview has some unique twist that matches up well with the over all theme/tone to my website. I’m looking for edgy and modern. I usually find people via Instagram since there is so much going on in that platform. I’ve had quite a few people contact me directly to be featured or want to do an interview on me which is interesting considering I’m usually the interviewer.

Let’s get to know you more: Where are you from and where can we usually find you?

I was born and raised in Vancouver! I spent 6 years in Kelowna for school studying at UBCO. These days I’m usually on my computer working on my website, getting food with friends or wandering the city in search of my next local interview.

Favourite interview so far?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite but I would have to say The Streets Barber. He’s such an amazing person and has totally changed his life around and made a difference in the world. He inspired me to think on a much bigger scale.

How do you find your hustlers?

Through social media specifically Via Instagram, or through friends of friends.

What is your career background i.e. working in social media and editorial?

I was an editorial intern for 604 NOW, then a social media blogger for A Quarter Young. I was in charge of the social media campaign for my UBCO graduating class and as well, I worked for Art Vancouver promoting their project on social media leading up to the event.

Anything else about you that you would like to add?

The Urban Hustle has frequent and fresh content so keep up to date with my website! Be sure to check in with my Instagram, and Twitter for new things to come including a clothing line, which I’ve been stewing over and I am anxious to get off the ground. Most of all, to all the foodie, fashion, music, lifestyle, art and makeup hustlers, drop me a line and let me know what you’re up to, and keep on HUSTLING!

Kristi and Brittany are the co-founders and co-editors of Loose Lips Mag. Together, they’re building their feminist media empire and leaving the patriarchy, charcuterie boards, and empty bottles of wine in their wake.You can find them in Gastown sniffing out other women warriors or fuelling up at local coffee shops.