#BOSSY Q&A: Creative Coaching with Kat Karpoff

With entrepreneurship on the rise, SoapBox Creative Consulting steps in to shift perceptions and work with goalgetters

By Loose Lips Mag

They say we’re the first generation to be “worse off than our parents.” Financially, that is.

With job security becoming as elusive as ever, Gen-Y-ers (otherwise known as the loathed millennials) are looking to create their own career opportunities. The thing is, not everyone knows where to start. Enter the boss who coaches others to be their own boss – creativity coach Kat Karpoff.

Karpoff, a local actor, producer and writer based in Vancouver, is taking her decade of experience in the entertainment industry and using it to help others succeed with their own experience.

So what exactly is a “creativity coach?”

Loose Lips sat down with Karpoff, CEO of SoapBox Creative Consulting, to chat about the industry and how coaches are helping the independent artist not only survive, but thrive.

What is creativity coaching?

What coaching does is help you work on vision and mindset, [and create a switch.] We have so many blocks as humans; people have blocks with exercise because we have negative feelings associated with exhaustion. If you saw your mom come home everyday from a job she hates, she says she’s “exhausted” and now you don’t want to do exercise because you hate the idea of exhaustion.
I do something called “deep coaching,” so I shift people’s perceptions and definitions of themselves and their self-beliefs. Then we work on breaking it down.

Who are you looking for?

I want to work with big production companies and celebrities. When large production companies work with a coach, their profits increase anywhere from four-to-six times as much. It’s a huge benefit to people because most people who are high achievers, who start businesses—it takes some serious ovaries (or balls) to go after your dreams because it puts you in this really vulnerable space. It’s creative entrepreneurial coaching: it’s mostly actors and writers who I work with right now.

What’s an example of your clients’ success?

One woman was working on a book, and she had that book for about a year. And then she worked with me for a month, and she got more done in that one month than she did in a whole year. It’s the little things: it’s about the process.  Set them up with tasks. So we would work on all this stuff, and then we would go: what numbers are we thinking of? Who do we want to approach? First we work on the ultimate vision. What’s the long-term vision what do you see in that time?

So we broke down all that stuff, and she’s on her way to publishing a book. We worked together for a month and we mapped out her whole year.

What do your packages look like?

My corporate packages are different than my individual packages, and I want to serve first. I’m giving away five free two-hour sessions, which often sets people on a beautiful path because we dive deep. We can figure it out from there because we get a lot done in one session.

To find out more about Kat and her creativity consulting packages, visit her website http://www.soapboxcreativeconsulting.com.

Currently, the website shows she offers the “process package” and the “accountability package.” To get in touch with Kat learn more about her rates, drop her a line here.