#BOSSY: Sasha and Willow of Knox Mountain Knit Co

By Kristi Alexandra

Contrary to the reputation it may have, knitting isn’t just a hobby for introverts. With a thriving social media scene and a booming business model, the creative and meditative art is a way of life. You live by the yarn, you dye by the yarn. Okanagan-based...Read More »

Q&A with Hijulez and Lo-Life: Vancouver's embroidery mavens

A Hijulez tote bag; the latest obsession in the Loose Lips office

By Brittany Tiplady

With slow, upcycled, and locally-sourced fashion on the rise, it’s no wonder that hand-embroidered garments have become a sought-after fashion staple. I sat down with two crafty babes that have turned their hobbies into side hustles...Read More »

#BOSSY: The Urban Hustle's Sarah Bernstein

By Loose Lips Mag

Sarah Bernstein is a woman who knows there’s a divide between your passion and banking portfolio. For those of us trying to close the gap with our side hustles and passion projects, Bernstein has created The Urban Hustle, a website in which she features the...Read More »

Wear Your Feminism: Kimothy Joy

By Loose Lips Mag

We came across Kimothy Joy’s Instagram page late last year when the world rose in resistance and instantly fell in love. Her feminist-focused art carries a strong message that promotes kindness, change, and equality, and it feels as if the Internet cannot get enough of her...Read More »

Wear your feminism: The Tit Store

Girl gang. Photo provided by The Tit Store CEO Emily Brown

By Loose Lips Mag

Meet Saskatchewan babe Emily Brown: entrepreneur, artist, Planned Parenthood activist, and CEO of The Tit Store. The prices for her tees are low so that donating to Planned Parenthood at the checkout can be a...Read More »

#Bossy: Bettina Khan and LOVE BORROW

By Brittany Tiplady

Planning a wedding can go something like this: scroll through Pinterest and Instagram oozing with envy, curate virtual vision board of whimsical wedding decor and size two ethereal gowns, realize that none of this is real life, frantically check bank account for a miracle, have a...Read More »

#BOSSY: Feisty Feast's Julia Khan Anselmo

All photos courtesy of Brit Gill

By Kristi Alexandra

It may seem like gone are the days when people put away their electronics, shut off the television, and had meaningful discussions over a meal.

Alberta-born Vancouverite Julia Khan Anselmo aims to change all that with Feisty Feast, a female-focused, themed dinner...Read More »

#BOSSY: Jessica Brown of Leroy Brown Furnishings

By Kristi Alexandra

Less than two years ago, it wasn’t a sure thing that Jessica Brown was going to be recreating and breathing new life into beautiful antique furniture for a living.

Contrary to how it all turned out — given that the entrepreneurial upcycler has become something of a...Read More »

#Bossy: Sweetheart Events' Stephanie Reitsma

The Sweetheart Events team. Photo by Christine Pienaar Photography

By Brittany Tiplady

The wedding industry is a billion dollar, frightening world with endless options. When planning a wedding or a proposal, who do you turn to to make sure your event runs smoothly? Stephanie Reitsma and her team are the resolution...Read More »

#Bossy: kitskitchen

Photo by Ainsley Rose Photography

By Brittany Tiplady

Joni Lind and Amy Kizaki are asking the big questions: how is what you are consuming affecting your body? And how is it affecting your environment?

Their local small batch soup company, kitskitchen, is sweeping the shelves of lower mainland grocery stores, markets, and storefronts...Read More »

#Bossy: My Modern Closet's Chloe Popove

All photos by Britney Gill

By Brittany Tiplady

I met Chloe Popove on a sunny Monday morning on the patio of Greenhorn cafe. A Westend nook shaded by the neighbourhood’s luscious greenery, alive with the buzz of local caffeine seekers.

Popove is draped in a blush Eliza Faulkner...Read More »

#BOSSY Q&A: Creative Coaching with Kat Karpoff

With entrepreneurship on the rise, SoapBox Creative Consulting steps in to shift perceptions and work with goalgetters

By Loose Lips Mag

They say we’re the first generation to be “worse off than our parents.” Financially, that is.

With job security becoming as elusive as ever, Gen-Y-ers (otherwise known as...Read More »

#BOSSY: MVM Talent's Brenda Wong

By Kristi Alexandra

By all outward appearances, Brenda Wong is a lady. Poised, professional, and well-manicured, Wong shows up to our meeting a half hour early ready to talk to business. She’s gracious when I apologize for being late.

Make no mistake: under her polished exterior, Wong is...Read More »

#Bossy: Floralista's Alice de Crom

Fort Langley-based florist doesn’t have to stop to smell the roses

By Miranda Victoria

Alice de Crom is often told by her clients that she is lucky to have her job.

Surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements in a brightly lit flower shop all day, many envy her time spent designing wedding bouquets and...Read More »

#BOSSY: Natalie Ferrari-Morton's EAST VAN JAM

By Brittany Tiplady

Natalie Ferrari-Morton is a no bullshit mama of two who’s spreading a lot of love around Vancouver.

With solid core values built around low sugar and B.C. sourced food,  Ferrari-Morton has created a household brand, EAST VAN JAM, that is now garnishing the shelves of markets, coffee shops and...Read More »

#BOSSY: Tight Club's Keighty Gallagher

By Brittany Tiplady

Tucked away on Union Street, lives a Chinatown workout hub welcoming Vancouver’s community-based sweat seekers and cultural elite.

Every session starts with a check-in question, accompanied by a heart-pumping playlist that fills the chic studio with the right amount of adrenaline. Founder, owner and head coach Keighty Gallagher...Read More »

#Bossy: Girl Guru Alex Mazerolle

By Brittany Tiplady

Alex Mazerolle is a beacon of warmth and feminine radiance. She manifests genuine west coast energy, strong hugs, and the ability to transform your outlook on self-confidence and self-care in one simple conversation.

Thriving off of girl power and good vibes, Mazzerolle serves as the driving force for...Read More »

#Bossy: Ellebox Co

Subscription delivery service ElleBox Co brings feminine hygiene to your doorstep in time, for your time, every time

By Brittany Tiplady

The ladies behind Ellebox Co started their business with one simple question: what do women really need? The monthly necessity for feminine hygiene products was the obvious answer.

Taran...Read More »

#Bossy: Trimaran Botanicals' Mimi Young

Mimi Young takes beauty to the spiritual realm with skincare botanical line

By Alli Hayes

I pull up to Mimi’s house in Steveston, Richmond with my girlfriends Steph and Leona (founder of Right Vibes Shamanism). She’s invited us over for butternut squash soup, tea, and a witch day: we’re...Read More »

#Bossy: Ellesmere Lingerie's Julia Rechel

Photo by Richie Lubaton. Model, @mrreeow

By Brittany Tiplady

Vancouver designer Julia Rechel has elevated the intimacy behind lingerie to create hand-sewn pieces for the every woman with her new label, Ellesmere.

The Emily Carr graduate launched the company in early February after a year of careful planning and...Read More »

#Bossy: The Yoga Root’s Rachel Rozen

Yogi entrepreneur learns to trust the process

By Juliana Bergstrom

It’s pouring rain as I arrive at The Yoga Root in North Vancouver to take class with owner and instructor, Rachel Rozen. She welcomes me with open arms and her big brown eyes sparkle as she tells me about what...Read More »

#Bossy: Local Women in Fashion

Fashion is a staple of the Vancouver lifestyle. We chose to hang out for a Q&A with two local entrepreneurs fighting the good fight in the city’s ever growing industry.

Loose Lips writer Juliana Bergstrom sits down with Laura Wiet.

Laura Wiet is a designer who owns her own line, Gitana....Read More »

#Bossy: Citranti's Liza Wajong

By Kristi Alexandra

It’s 30 degrees in West Java, Indonesia, mid-day. Several women in a small, creative village community are dedicating their day to creating batik textiles.

In their workshop, they pore over painstakingly intricate designs, dragging tjantings—instruments with a teak wooden handle and a brass or copper spout dispersing...Read More »

#Bossy: Erika Rekis

Erika Rekis picks out fabrics at the Lululemon Lab. (Photo: Laura Scotten)

Erika Rekis: Designer of Women’s Wear at Lululemon Lab

By Abby Wiseman

The photoshoot was not going to plan. It was supposed to be about clean lines and wild backgrounds with models dressed in Lululemon Lab clothing, all shot in front of a white sheet on...Read More »

#Bossy: Karyn Chopik

Designer Karyn Chopik with her jewelry-making crew at Chopik's studio. (Photo: Sierra Jones)

Langley jewelry designer puts women to work

By Sierra Jones

There’s more to Karyn Chopik’s jewelry than just stones placed in metal.

Designer Karyn Chopik with her jewelry-making crew at Chopik’s studio. (Photo: Sierra Jones)

Behind each eclectic ring, bracelet and necklace, are hours...Read More »