Brunch Babes

Babes Who Brunch: Heritage Asian Eatery

By Loose Lips Mag

A quaint shop front with experimental Asian comfort cuisine, Heritage Asian Eatery debuted its weekend brunch on March 4. Now open at 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays, the 40-seat dinette is headed by chef Felix Zhou.

Where: Heritage Asian Eatery (1108 West Pender)

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Babes Who Brunch: Dine Out Vancouver's Brunch Crawls

By Kristi Alexandra

In a lip-smacking twist of events, our usual Babes Who Brunch spot has been hijacked for a quadruple-y tasty Brunch Crawl. Yeah, you read that right. A brunch crawl. Curated by Vancouver Foodster, neighbourhood brunch crawls are selling out at a break-neck pace as part of...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch: Nelson the Seagull

Simple brunch staple rises with housemade sourdough

By Cassidy Scott

Where: Nelson the Seagull, 315 Carrall Street

Hair of the dog: If you’re looking for a boozy brunch, this isn’t your place. If you’re looking for fantastic coffee, you’ve found it. With coffee beans from Elysian, the offering...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch: Deacon's Corner

Deacon’s Corner serves up classic southern chicken n’ waffles to ease our hangovers

By Juliana Bergstrom

Where: Deacon’s Corner, 3189 W Broadway (Kits)

(They also have another location at 101 Main Street in Gastown).

Hair of the dog: Steigl’s Natural Grapefruit Radlers ($6.50), and good ol’ fashioned drip coffee ($2.75).

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Babes Who Brunch: The Wallflower Diner

Art adorned diner with a too-hip-for-you vibe, serving up comfort food for both vegans and carnivores

By Theresa-Anne Clarke

Where: The Wallflower, 2420 Main St, Vancouver

Hair of the dog: Ask and you shall receive; this restaurant featured just about any drink you could ask for,...Read More »

Babes who Brunch: Finch's Teahouse

Quaint tearoom with old-world charm serves up simple eats

By Loose Lips Mag

Where: Finch’s Teahouse (353 West Pender, Gastown)

Hair of the dog: This little teahouse is booze-free. We sipped on an Americano and a heavenly Masala Chai latte.

Sipping on Finch’s fair-trade coffee and...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch: Linh Café

Homestyle French and Vietnamese cuisine goes brunch

By Juliana Bergstrom

Where: Linh Café (2836 W 4th Ave)

Hair of the Dog: Iced Vietnamese coffee ($4), Champagne ($9.95). No cocktails with spirits; just beer and wine.

Vietnamese Coffee as pictured by @linhcafe_yvr’s Instagram


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Babes Who Brunch: Cabrito

Cabrito brunch turns traditional tapas on their head

By Alli Hayes

Where: Cabrito (2270 Commercial Drive)

Hair of the dog: Signature Caesars, of course. They were loaded with Bosa Foods olives, pickled beans, a gherkin, and a delicate piece of cured meat on top.


What we ate: Olive oil and...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch: 33 Acres

By Claire Matthews

Where: 33 Acres Brewing Company

Neighbourhood: Mount Pleasant (15 West 8th Avenue)

Hair of the Dog: Flight of beer (33 Acres of Sunshine, 33 Acres of Four, 33 Acres of Darkness, and 33 Acres of Ocean).

What we ate: The Loaded...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch: Dock Brunch

By Claire Desmarais

Where: Dock Lunch Off Main (152 East 11th Ave)

Neighbourhood: Mount Pleasant

Hair of the Dog: For Main Street coffee purists, the home brew at Dock Lunch must be what infamy tastes like. In the percolator is the exclusive Coffee and Chicory...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch: Yolk’s

By Claire Matthews

Where: Yolk’s Restaurant and Commissary (Original location: 1298 East Hastings at Clark)

Neighbourhood: Downtown East Side

Hair of the Dog: Although they have lots of options for booze (mimosas, Caesar, sangria to name a few), we went for the fresh squeezed orange juice and...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch: Off The Tracks Bistro

By Kristi Alexandra & Brittany Tiplady

Where Off The Tracks Espresso Bar & Bistro (1363 Railspur Alley)

Neighbourhood Granville Island

Hair of the Dog Bailey’s Americano ($6.25) or the Kahlua Mocha ($8.25). Both made with fine espresso fit for the...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch: Nuba Kits

By Laura Collins

Taster Laura Collins

Where Nuba

Neighbourhood Kitsilano

Hair of the dog Forgo the alcohol for delicious chai tea, $2

What we ate The Healthy Wake-Up with mjadra (lentils), sautéed spinach, onions, mushrooms, and peppers, fresh avocado and cherry tomatoes, served with roasted potatoes and bread on the side, vegan...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch: Hideout Café

By Kristi Alexandra

Where: The Hideout Café (716 Carnarvon)

Neighborhood: Downtown New Westminster

Hair of the Dog: No booze, but they keep a stocked bar of flavoured syrup – such as salted caramel and marshmallow. We went with the salted caramel latte with almond milk.

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Brunch Babes: Chambar

By Brittany Tiplady

Taster: Brittany Tiplady
Where: Chambar, 568 Beatty Street
Neighborhood: Crosstown

Hair of the dog: The Phall Collins- Cucumber, gin and Amaro Montenegro shaken with fresh lemon juice & topped with soda, $12 (not pictured), and a lavender latte to start.

What we ate: To...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch: Angelina's

Quaint Dutch brunch does it best on New West’s waterfront

By Kristi Alexandra

Taster: Kristi Alexandra
Where: Angelina’s, New Westminster Quay
Neighbourhood: Downtown New Westminster
Hair of the Dog: Skip the alcohol and recharge with the grapefruit japaleno cold-pressed juice from Raincity Juicery,...Read More »

Babes Who Brunch

By Brittany Tiplady

Taster: Brittany Tiplady
Where: Heirloom Vegetarian, 1509 W 12th Ave. 
Neighborhood: South Granville
Hair of the Dog: The Orchid – Juniper Green organic gin, prosecco, pink grapefruit, honey, $12 (not pictured)
What we ate: The feature Tex-Mex benedict....Read More »